Friday, March 20, 2015

Uh, huh. Well, someone will have to tell me how this turns out, for I don't subscribe to HBO.

"Government watches the rise of well-armed American militias."


Anonymous said...

Yeah like anyone with half a brain would ever talk to HBO!

Anonymous said...

VICE programs are often available for free on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

They did prominently flash this blog's name on a computer scree when they were interviewing the SPLC, so there's that for free publicity.

Anonymous said...

I watched a few minutes of the show and it was basically a misinformation propaganda campaign. I turned it off after they said the two assholes who were kicked off the Bundy ranch and later killed some cops, were supporters of Bundy, and typify those in the "patriot movement". Typical progressive-communist hit piece.

Anonymous said...

This one is not available on YouTube. Had to download it from a warez site.

It is basically a hit piece. Mark potok is in it. Bundy ranch is featured too. Scary talk about how the millers were at the ranch no mention that they were expelled.

Liberal use of the extremist label throughout. Piece closes with image of burning IRS building from several years ago with the narrator ominously intoning that we are overdue for a mass casualty attack from the "extremists"

Anonymous said...

There is a quick clip of mark potok looking at one of Mike's posts.

The post he's looking at is one featuring the SSI photo of him wearing a tinfoil hat.

Congratulations mike, you are living in his head rent free!