Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another New Jersey outrage.

"New Jersey’s Gun Laws Are as Confusing as Its Highways"


Anonymous said...

This is one example of why I won't vote for Chris Christie. The SOB is in his second term as NJ Governor and the draconian gun laws still exist.

- Old Greybeard

PO'd American said...

If you are not a minor and without means to leave, please explain to me why you would ever live in the $hithole aka Jersey?

Anonymous said...

I am often asked why I stay in a state so hostile to individual Liberty, firearms being but one example. After leaving a few times only to return, the answer is simple - this is my home. My friends are here, my family is here (mostly) and my family's friends are here. I like the heartland. Why must I LEAVE because assholes have an appetite for everyone's liberty? What does running away solve anyway.

I have to ask - if you are truly embracing the core of the Second Amendment, if you are truly an advocate, then how can you wonder about why people actually stand their ground - refusing to cut and run?

After all, the Second IS the endgame means of defense against EXACTLY this TYRANNY - right? Do what gives with this flee mentality? What's the point of it?

Oh and I fart i. Chris Christies general direction. He's a muzzie loving gun grabbing progressive title of nobility having lawyer. IOW, he just a fat white obama with a real birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

Jersey could be made okay, by the determined efforts of its residents.

It was one of the original states, and freedom still is within it, just not in the politicians.

There are a number of resident's there of the same persuasion as anon at 1:32. He hasn't given up yet.