Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Please, victimize us."

Overwhelming numbers of campus collectivists agree: please, victimize us.


prambo said...

To quote:

"Science has proven students really don't mature until they turn 21," Adams said. "There is a real concern with maturity and school is a stressful place. It is just not a place for guns."

Typical collectivist hyperbole - "...everyone agrees..." - F NO!! I don't!! "Most Americans..." - Hell NO!! I'm not with that lot of wankers!! "Stressful" - my Royal Buttocks!! Wait until you meet the real world, Comrade!.

"Science has proven..." - to paraphrase my degree mentor - "Nothing in science is ever 'proved', there is just great supportive evidence for a particular theory."

Mindless drones regurgitating the statist pablum they've been force fed since Kindergarten. This will be the only success of the Gramscian socialist "long march through the institutions" - the utter destruction and warping of the minds of numerous generations.

They are not "mature" enough until they reach 21? Hmmm.....Then, should they carry a weapon immediately upon reaching 21?

None of these morons will ever be "mature", because maturity requires "responsibility" (that's what The State is for, isn't it?), critical thinking (not taught anymore) and earned self-esteem (they are born with this, aren't they?). And these are traits they will never have.

The fallout from the "education" of these "useful idiots" will haunt the American landscape for a long time.

And this is TEXAS - imagine how college age young'uns "think" in NewYorkistan and Commienecticut?

Sean said...

No thanks, y'all go on and do like you think is best. If you want to bleat like sheep, and act like sheep, don't be surprised when the wolf shows up to confirm your position. The wolves are out there, and, despite your fairy tale beliefs that they are not, and that you will be safe, without a means to enforce your safety, they will come. I recall some Jews had the same idea, circa 1939........

Carl Stevenson said...

I believe you gave to be 21 to get a license to carry in TX, so what's their point?
They are trying to conjure up false images of teens and kids carrying when only licensed adults would be according to the law.

Anonymous said...

No one will victimize this college boy. Lookout Florida, HB 4005/SB176. Your move.

Anonymous said...

Tell them to be patient.

One of nature's unwritten rules is that there are always predators. And that somehow predators always seem to find prey.

It's what they do.

Anonymous said...

IF I was a college student (over 21 yo) on a Texas campus -- I wouldn't tell if I was carrying.
That's the idea behind "CONCEALED" carry, isn't it?

Poor little libtards. Someone give them a wet soapy cloth to wash the sand out of their vaginas/manginas. Then burn the cloth.

B Woodman