Monday, March 30, 2015

The NRA Anti-Defamation League weighs in.

The more streamlined Waynermobile gets lapped by The Little Rascals' downhill soapbox racer entry funded by GOA.
An anonymous commenter, although I have a pretty good idea who it is, writes a comment in response to this post.
"And yet you need a ride and/or lodging at The NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville. Why don't you just join the anti-gun protesters in Nashville? That may be where you belong. Why the hell do you want to go to The NRA's annual meetings, since you're so much against them? You do use your voice, but it comes out of both sides of your mouth. I think you're just jealous, because The NRA has more influence to preserve Amendment II than all the other pro-gun organizations combined. Hooray for The NRA!"
Now, if this is who I think it is (and I love the man like a brother) I would respond thusly.
My disdain for the NRA (especially the present leadership since the LaPierre-engineered coup against Neal Knox)is born of twenty years of personally-witnessed disappointments, failures to act on opportunities, and sellouts on critical issues galore. The NRA, when it does move in the interest of firearm rights, usually has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the fight, and even then makes an inconstant and unreliable ally, more concerned about fundraising and making the press love them than actually winning the fight in question. My memories of the their reluctance to get into the Fast and Furious fight, followed by their use of it to raise money under the lying pretense that they were "alone in the wilderness" on the issue early on is particularly vivid in my memory.
There are many good men and women in the NRA, including some on the board. There are also many long-time scoundrels on that board like Grover Norquist, selected because they are loyal to the LaPierre regime. If I poke fun at the NRA leadership it is because they are an easy target who have done much to deserve my disdain. I still have hope that the NRA will one day become as uncompromising as GOA, but being a practical man, that's not the way to bet. In defending the regime of Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox, you are defending amoral manipulators who are not deserving of your commendable loyalty to the organization. I'm sorry, truly sorry, that you are offended by my posts, but the NRA leadership has done much to earn any sneering I do.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Reminds me of the time a few years ago now when you and Dave were denied presence at the NRA get-together in Charlotte. What Geeks! 'Showed their true colors!! Ever since, they have gotten not one thin dime from me and I let my then membership lapse. Boy did they crank up the propaganda for me to come back to the fold after that, but still, not one dime!! Since I've tossed my hat in the Ring with GOA!!! 'Nuff said!!
Your man in Louisiana,
Got Gunz??,

Anonymous said...

Here is the basic fact.
The Second Amendment is a preemption of the absolute highest order - plain and unambiguous- enshrined directly in our Constitution- the HIGHEST law of the land. It is a plain statement of individual right left SOLELY to the people themselves - NOT a tenth amendment issue hence.

The NRA opposes constitutional carry - it did so OPENLY in my state after promising it would not toss open carriers under the bus - but it did exactly that. It partnered with democrats on a bill that BANS all carriage of rifles. It advocated the election of a known gun banner as well.

But that aside, the state preemption CON is the worst! It is an affront to the Second itself. It undermines the federal preemption and attempts to empower the states with authority IT CANNOT HAVE because it's a RIGHT that is EXPRESSLY left to the PEOPLE ourselves. State preemption is a huge con - got magazine bans? Got suppressor bans? Got, well, you get the point. The NRA emboldens state governments to do these things, to exert power it cannot legitimately have. That makes the NRA a GUN CONTROL group!

Every championed concealed carry legislation is ACTUALLY a GUN CONTROL BILL!!! Let's just face that ok?

I don't disagree that there are good folks within the NRA, but good folks often do bad things sometimes out of ignorance. Some may not want to hear it but it's just true- the NRA has EARNED the Negotiating Rights Away label. It's exactly what it has done.

One must ask, if good folks KNOW they are doing wrong, because they have been SHOWN what is wrong AND why it's wrong, and they continue to DO wrong knowingly, how can they remain good people?

I used to believe the "work on the inside to make things better" excuse but I've learned my lesson. There is no fixing the NRA from the "inside". Those in control DONT THINK ANYTHING IS BROKEN!!!

The NRA doesn't care about a kid expelled over a pop tart or even a kid wearing a NRA shirt. They don't care about you me or our rights. Those folks care about conning people out of their money - so they can hook their buddies in congress up with donations. Got Harry Reid?

No thanks. I'll continue to call the NRA just EXACTLY what is ACTIONS demonstrate. It's a disguised, operating behind closed doors GUN CONTROL organization that is bent on destroying federal preemption,supplanting Amendment Two with manufactured State Preeemption. That way it can ensure survival of the due process incorporation (permission slip structure) that sees the NRA "trainers" unjustly enriched. Oppose the obamacare individual mandate factor? Yeah, the NRA literally fights to KEEP government imposed mandate called training it just "happens" to provide. There's NO difference.

The NRA is acting as a insulator between us and our rights while claiming to be a conduit to them. Think about thr brutal irony - they are saying "we will protect and defend your right to defend yourself(just send us money) - you don't need to bother with defending your right to defend yourself. Let the "professionals" handle it. (I had a NRA lobbyist actually say that to me!). PS. Send us more money!!! PSS. Send more money and get this "free" duffle bag.

Yeah uh huh. The NRA is a con and I ain't aftaid to say it. Not should anyone else be!

Anonymous said...

I can see one good reason for attending an NRA meeting: recruitment.

Anonymous said...

The NRA has the same problem as the GOP it ain't about principles anymore as much as it is about making sure the hire hands keep getting their fat paychecks.

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

HEY, NRA! Those bucks I used to send you? I send them to GOA on top of my dues. Useless!

Anonymous said...

When after years of loyal NRA membership, and having acted as a hunting safety instructor and rangemaster, I discovered that only life members have a vote for a really limited slate of directors. The NRA had become the type of fund raising political machine I abhor.

After declining to renew my dues, I had to change my home phone number and PO Box to stop the onslaught of paid solicitors. I also dropped my instruction and range duties.

NRA has got nothing from me for a long time. Regular members are just cash cows with no vote. I send my cash to GOA and local groups. "Lairds of Fairfax" is an apt name for those who would be elitists at the expense of Constitutional Rights, which were given to us by the Founders, and taken away by no one.

Anonymous said...

I am as opposed to so-called 'gun control' as anyone. However, I cannot support any organization that supports or recognizes ANY gun laws whatsoever beyond the Second Amendment itself.
I do not trust any government, or agency thereof, to keep its word on ANY subject. therefore I protect my God-given rights myself. No one can or will do it for me, except it be in their own interests to do so. Thus, I trust only individuals like myself, and no manipulatable organizations or groups.
Always shop at BlackMart- where we don't KNOW you !

Anonymous said...

You're right Mike! The NRA cannot be trusted to fulfil it's presumed purpose.

I didn't always feel this way but as many pointed out, they were missing every time there was a fight. Then, when they found that others were going to make one anyway, and would probably win, they immediately tried to take it over, and the calls for funding increased. I know this because I observing it and was on the receiving end of it, as were many others.

Gun owners and the American people have been betrayed by everyone connected to politics and the judiciary, and the media (mustn’t forget them!) who seem to gain the greatest satisfaction from wiping the posteriors with the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

May their bones bleach in the sun.