Saturday, March 21, 2015

The bitter disappointment of the racial collectivists is palpable.

"Officials: Evidence in hanging doesn't support foul play." You know they're cussin' at the SPLC right now. They were looking at another ten million or so in fundraising off this poor man's death.


Anonymous said...

They are straining pretty hard when they try to publicize a suicide in the decedent's back yard as an old time lynching.

That organization outlived whatever usefulness it had long ago.

Anonymous said...

Graham Threatens to Cut Funds to UN if Obama Bypasses Congress on Iran Sanctions

Anonymous said...

Ya know, this man might have been poor but I'm not having any sympathy for him regarding his suicide. First off, that's a punks way out and should be shunned while at the same time respecting the fact that it was his life and his choice. Here's the rub though- every person I this country knows full well the symbolism of a hanging black man.

Him hanging himself - especially from a tree- was a decision that carried with it an attempt to set up a hands up don't shoot scenario. On that level, he's really no different than the scumbag who shot up a theater full of people at a batman movie. He had to have seeking to make a statement by hanging himself out in the open from a tree.

Poor man? Poor in judgement and decision making maybe but he gets nothing from me but disdain.

A fool and his life are easily parted.

Anonymous said...

About time for Al Sharpton to show up and try shaking the MONEY TREE like he usually does. That is what clowns like Sharpton and his ilk are all about, THE MONEY.