Sunday, March 22, 2015

One of the things I love about gun shows: Misc. Grab Bags.

So, yesterday at the show I bought for $15 an overstuffed quart baggie of junk.  He had $25 on it and I talked him down to $15.  Inside the junk baggie were, among other things:

** A collection of allen wrenches, misc hardware (screws, nuts, etc.)

** An RCBS #2 shell holder, a Herter's No. M-3 shell holder for .30-40 Krag, a CH Die Case Trimmer Holder 301-1 Group G (waiting an email back from CH to see what it fits), three antique sling swivels, hooded front sight with dovetail base (application unknown)

** 3 wheat pennies, a 1913; a 1941 and a 1946.

** The following projectiles:

.30 caliber rifle, Qty 32
.32 caliber pistol, qty 28
8mm rifle, Qty 2
.38 pistol, Qty 3
.30 caliber pistol, Qty 1
6mm rifle, Qty 1
.25 caliber pistol, Qty 1
.22 caliber rifle, Qty 2

Total: 70 projectiles.

** The following loaded antique cartridges:

.35 S&W Auto , headstamps WRA  Qty 2, Peters Qty 1  (had never heard of such, but they sure enough existed)  Total: Qty 3
.32 Auto, WRA, Qty 2, Rem UMC Qty 1  Total: Qty 3
.32 S&W, Rem UMC  Qty 1
.32 S&W Long, Rem UMC, Qty 1
.38 S&W, UMC, Qty 2
7.65 Luger, WRA, Qty 1
.38 Special, US Military, RA 56  Qty1
.44-40 Win, WRA, Qty 1
.44 S&W R, Rem UMC, Qty 1
.44 Mag, Super X, Qty 1
.45 Colt, Rem-UMC, Qty 1
.45 ACP, Chinese headstamp(?)  Qty 1
.303 British, Super speed, Qty 2
.30 Army (.30-40 Krag), WRA Co., Qty 1

Total: 22 antique cartridges

Not bad for $15, eh?


Uncle Elmo said...

One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Anonymous said...

Great buy! the .35 S&W Auto round is easily worth what you paid to a cartridge collector, or for a purist who likes to shoot his collectibles in their original calibers.

Anonymous said...

Love the junk bag/bins. Shortly after Slick Willie's directive to destroy the existing inventory of 1911 and M14's, one guy at Knob Creek was selling the demil receiver ends from the M14's. A little digging turned up some Winchester a TRW and a H&R. Gave 'em away mounted to plaques stating "Ask not what your can Country can do for you....Ask what your Country can do TO you." Did the same to baggied Colt 38's that had been torched.

Anonymous said...

Who dares, wins! :-)

FYI - your font in this post seems off - probably some Blogspot glitch.

Anonymous said...

The .35 S&W auto is about as common as hen's teeth- Less than 9,000 pistols for it ever made, the 1913 S&W pistol it was made for discontinued in the 1920's.

A collector wants that...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day to me!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X