Sunday, March 22, 2015

I hope all you budding ordnance men and women are paying attention.

Shell: A man works on a mortar shell inside a cave used as a weapon factory operated by rebel fighters from Suqour al-Sham Brigade
"Syria's DIY weapons: The rebels fighting the Al-Assad regime with rockets and shells that are hand-made in caves."
Basic: The men use basic welding tools to prepare their mortar shells and other weaponry
Rebel fighters in Syria are developing their own hand-made weapons as they battle the government regime. Fighters from the Suqour al-Sham Brigade are setting up weapons factories in caves to make shells and rockets as they take on the might of President Bashar Al-Assad's regime.
Welding tail fins.
Prepared: The rebels are seen here preparing a range of devices to fire at President Bashar Al-Assad's forces.
Secure: The rebel fighters have built their weapons factories deep inside caves in the Idlib Province.
Remember Kurt Hofmann's patches?


Anonymous said...

The very reason you young school age folks should be taking some "shop" classes in high school. Provided they still offer classes like that. And now that you've seen the usefulness of such knowledge let's not hear about us older folks setting you young ones up for failure, or not setting you up for success, like i've read in a few past comments awhile back. Once you understand lathe and milling operations the hardest part is the logistics of moving the damn thing around; they are big and heavy. Another reason the people over there have the ability to pull off this kind of thing is they didn't have an education system that destroys imagination and individual thought processes...So as you see, not everyone has to be a marksman. There's many opportunities in a fighting force for many different talents. You'd be surprised how much a good cook is worth to a light infantry....That all being said, I'd like to know what these fellas are using for fuse in the make-shift artillery shells. Also what they're using for propellants. The explosive, to me anyway, is the easy part. It's getting the shell there and how to set it off that's the hard part. A good article on that would go a long way

Anonymous said...

Been "Uncle" Ragnar Benson still around??

Anonymous said...

In an Argentine internal conflict in the '60s-'70s, a group known as "Montoneros" had fairly sophisticated arms factories, at least on of which made excellent copies of the "Carl Gustav" M/45 submachine gun, for example. They also made a lot of other ordnance.

Anonymous said...

I am sure ATF and other Federal Facist's and there Traitourous Supporters are trying to figure out how to Stop the sale of Unregulated/Unlicensed Lathes and Mills.
After all US State Dept. did stop 3D weapon plans.

But not before all were downloaded and now Freely and Anonomously Distributed.

Anonymous said...

If the Syrians can manufacture Mortars in Mines, just imagine what some creative Americans can make in their basements when the BATF & other Govt. agencies decide to strip us of OUR RIGHTS. Nothing like a little Yankee Imagination to level the playing field. Just imagine how many places a mini camera can be hidden to capture video of out-of-control Gestapo. Now is the time to do the research to find where the "Bad People" live and work - just in case.

Toastrider said...

Between high tech (3D printing) and low tech (mill and lathe) forms of manufacturing, how on earth do they plan to make any gun ban stick?