Saturday, March 28, 2015

C'mon, Montana. What kind of police state crap is this?

Montana House Bill 633 will require members of the media to obtain a $100 permit and a release waiver to film or photograph police officers or face a fine of $500.
Of course the anal sphincter who introduced this piece of cop-worshiping garbage is a member of the GOP: Rep. Dale Mortensen (R-Billings), HD 44.
Mailing Address:
446 Caravan Ave.
Billings, MT 59105
Phone Number: (406) 855-1424


Anonymous said...

I have Less than Zero use for "Ferguson Types" make no mistake.
But HIDING your "Public" behavior and "If you have nothing to hide" oh and my Favorite, "You've NO Expectation to Privacy in Public"......etc etc

Plays Right into the Animal Activist's hands.

As far as the above picture of this "Broke Back Moutain Type" goes... aint rocket science!!

Anonymous said...

Lot of ways to conceal a camera. If they can't see the camera then they will act stupid (like they do all the time) and once the video is released onto the internet "The CAT is out of the bag" and they can't "recall" the video or make it invisible. Cameras keep getting smaller and smaller so it would be wise to rig a car with multiple cameras if you are going to be in one of the trouble areas.

PO'd American said...

What a total Richard Cranium. The next election should cure this problem. What a total fvcking a$$hat.

Anonymous said...

I live in Billings.And I can tell you guys that goons like this guy and this ridiculous bill he has introduced are about control and money.Plain and simple.. Most people in this area won't support him. Out!

rexxhead said...

Thank God we have the Republicans to save us from the Democrats... (snork!)

Anonymous said...

It's long past time for the people to not comply. And when the cops use force to make you comply to these outrageous police state crap the people need to use force right back and say not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Why do some republicans consider this acceptable?

With NSA spying an issue,recent revelations about, what was it, secret microphones in NY?, as well as a government that has defined itself as bartering treacherously with the enemy -negotiating with terrorists- along with this Iran deal, we need a side -desperately- that will take a stand against Orwellian nanny/police state gov't.

Not suggest more of it.

Besides, filming officers in the line of duty often refutes much of the fraudulent abuse claims, and could be front and center in legally defending justified officers' use of force.

As well, as, of course, providing incentive for officers to do their duty honestly and with integrity, as they should want to be doing anyway.

Our justice system demands it.

I've got no problem with a cop's right to defend himself from lethal force at all- but if and when it happens, shouldn't we be using taxpayer dollars and ensuring modern technology can give us better records of the event?

Don't we make sure cops have night vision and special radar so they can see inside peoples houses for them as well?

I hate to admit it, but there is only -one- (1) thing I agree with the, IMHO, outrageously moronic, blithely racist, "black lives matter" crowd.

Cops should have, as part of their regular duty equipment, a personal video camera so long as the camera can comfortably and effectively be used.

And there should be absolutely no question that if the police get MRAPS, level 4 assault body armor, and other military grade weapons that we should have the right to film them in their duties.

Cameras are no threat to those whom are supposed to be our public servants, extensions of our own personal duty to enforce the peace as citizens of the united states.

Their position in an open and free society -while they are on the clock- is as public servant, and it is ridiculous to assert any right to privacy while paychecks signed We The People.

After all, this is -collectively- a government that seems to want to imitate England, and disarm its citizens and put cameras on every corner watching us.

They can't get mad when we peaceably turn the cameras back on them.

And republicans who try to make laws saying peaceable citizens cant film police about their duties -or otherwise onerously restricting them from doing so, IMHO, are acting as authors of government no less overbearing of our rights as a liberal demanding I buy a product they've decided is "for my own good", or pay a tax for not doing so.

Enough with all the Orwellian "Secrecy is transparency" nonsense- from ALL politicians.

Informed42 said...

The only people that don't want the public filming their actions in public, are those that are guilty of wrong doing and thus have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

If it isn't public and free to public scrutiny, then it is Secret. Many of the so called FREE states are not so free. The Rich and political have seemed to have joined and pass laws to protect themselves both politically and financially to the detriment of most of their constituents.

Anonymous said...

We must stop the statist infestation before it becomes a pandemic that threatens and ultimately destroys our natural and unalienable rights codified by the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

These bills are being submitted all over, by both parties.

Please help us replace Jason Villalba (Republican In Name Only - Texas House, District 114, Dallas) in the next Republican primary, because he submitted House Bill 2918, making the filming of police a crime, and putting all concealed carry licensees at risk of a firearms related felony just for having a cell phone with a camera. The potential for abuse of innocent citizens by dirty cops simply cannot be measured - don't think for a moment that this bill protects anyone other than criminals in costume, bandits and brigands with badges.

This bill attacks both the First and the Second amendments, making Villalba a clear and present danger to natural rights at best, at worst he's a totalitarian statist.

He's blocking everyone on Twitter, including journalists and constituents, just for asking a question, or making a polite statement of opposition. He's cockroached his Facebook fan page after censoring thousands of comments and blocking even his own friends and co-workers.

Now he's daring his constituents to vote him out, while saying "I will destroy you!"

We say "Challenge Accepted!"