Saturday, March 28, 2015

Heller Foundation raising funds for machine gun lawsuit

The Heller Foundation alerted its supporters in a Friday email and corresponding post to its Twitter feed that it has joined with the plaintiff and his attorneys by promoting, collecting and administering financial support for the Hollis v. Holder lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

As the kids say...ROFLMAO!!! I have soiled my drawers laughing !!!!!

Mind you, I play the TITLE 2 Game. Print, Pictures, The Works!
My words are not eloquint i know, bet! but good god, come on! Lets get some Unit Integrity in 2A!

Why don't we STOP the Space Alien Invasion Area 51 crap, when there ....Isn't ONE!!!
No wonder we are ridiculed, laughed at, and considered Tin Foil Idiots.

Make no mistake , i would love to go back to 1920, and buy machine guns and dynamite at the hardware store!! Shit I wanna play Tow's and Tanks but....
Ain't going to happen .....EVER!!!!
And neither are "Newly Registered MG's"

Who's makin the Money off this "Show", Who's lining there pockets, Who's livin this foolishness????? Best ask.

Who is the biggest enemy here... ....
One would think ATF and Obongo the Traitor. True nuff to a degree, a very small degree.
Has the Traitor in Chief mentioned MG's, NFA, Title 2????? NO!!! Never, not in the Least!!!!
The bastard doesn't need to!!! Duh! Doah!

The Biggest Pushback, from Safe Queen Machine gun "Investors." Always has!! The CLASS 3 PIMPS!!
Always will be, Money don't yell, IT Screams like a women.

This is a Waste of Effort, Time, Resources and all else...100%
And makes us look like FUCKING Idiots.
Ol'Bush screwed us, FACT!!

Do you "really" believe for 1 single Micro Second that these Money Pimps are going to allow the/there "Pool" to increase....there by "Decreasing" there Pimp Daddy Investment, Economics 101!!!!
Sure and Wall Street is going to send us all 500,000$$ checks cause they love the American Gun Owner!

I swear..... This 2A shit just gets more Bizz-AR and convoluted by the day.

We are so divided as a UNIT, We have ZERO unit integrity!! ZERO!!! Google Marcinko, Marcinko...Unit Integrity. Red Cell...A Read is in order, sure he sold books, but it/HE teaches Unit Integrity!!!!!!!

Unit fuckin Integrity, something the 2A Movement Seriously Lacks. FACT!!

Can we please just pick one single fight and WIN, WIN hands down.Not win a small squirmish win.
WIN the GD WAR. ww2 style!! Please

Anonymous said...

This is a good move on several fronts. It certainly says a GREAT DEAL about the NRA and the SAF and all the crickets chirping. But we all know this is gonna get their attention because both will view this as a bite out of their Apple fundraising.

Might I suggest a little tidbit?
Answer every NRA and SAF fundraiser solicitation with a "sorry, but I donated my gun rights share to the Heller Foundation so that 95% of my donation would go straight toward ACTUALLY gutting control once and for all. It's no longer time for magazines, duffle bags and stickers.....much less more donations going to the Harry Reid democrats and Peter King republicans's time for lawsuits, lots of them, that go straight for the jugular."

Watch NRA and SAF beg to be part of this by filing and filing and filing in order to jump in like it has before....

As an aside, I believe this case is why we are seeing revived talk of disbanding the ATF and even legislation proposed banning the "rule making". A great many in DC truly fear the merits of this case (and others like them) being heard and decided. Some fear losing their bread and bitter campaign issue, their fundraising tactics and especially the bare loss of control. Others fear the outcome going against us, the liberty minded gun owners because THEN there will be no more questions about where we actually stand and what must then be done.

I'm in the camp that stands firmly on this point - time to shit or get off the pot. Destroy the gun control entirely so we can point the LAWS and their prosecutions at CRIMINALS once again or admit openly that the Constitutional protections enumerated are being outright ignored as if they don't exist. Let's see them ADMIT IT - one way or the other!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the first gentleman to post should have read the lawsuit and reasoning behind it.
It's not really about machine guns. It's about the BATFE interpreting the law however they choose. By law, his form 1 to build a machine gun was valid.

A person may not manufacture a machine gun post 1986. He filed a form 1 through his trust. The reasoning behind it all is that "a trust is an entity, unless machine guns are involved", according to our masters at the BATFE.

Take some time to look over the details of the case before casting judgement.

I'm sure people jeered our founding fathers with similar nonsense when the idea of an independent nation was discussed.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, there's a quiet but determined machinist somewhere out there in the nation, methodically milling full-auto AR seers by the thousands, intended for free distribution on the day the civil war gets started, along with an instruction sheet on how to install them...court cases be damned!

Anonymous said...

But then, how many of our guys, (patriot dissenters), already own a couple Slide Fire stocks? I have two. One on an M4, the other earmarked for an LR308 build I'm currently finishing up.

I've seen enough video of these things in action to know
that, by God, THEY WORK!

The shooter can even control the cycle speed.

Sgt Stryker said...

March 29, 2015 at 9:02 AM

Prudent opponents will refrain from egregiously overextending their armed forces. Nor will they resort to desperation tactics in the early phases of a conflict.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz running for President.

In the landmark case of District of Columbia v. Heller, Cruz assembled a coalition of 31 states in defense of the principle that the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms.
Cruz presented oral argument for the amici states in the companion case to Heller before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Anonymous said...

Most Cruz supporters don't know that. But why is that so important? Guns meh big deal some say.

But here's the real deal.

The way a candidate views government authority, individual liberty itself and how governments due authority coexists with Citizens Liberty can COMPLETELY be exposed by their position on the Second Amendment.

First, you have straight believers. True patriots. Like guns hate guns like blades hate blades? No matter it's not germane how one feels about them - it's a matter of individual rights and long ago settled.

Second, you have the "I support the Second Amendment BUT....of truthful, the Fudds fall into this category.

Third you have those who just ignore constitutional parameters and view all things as government permissions to be doled out by democratic vote or benevolent tyrant wanna bes. These would be your democrats (and your fakers who play like they are number 2s but really they are 3s.

Cruz is a real believer in individual liberty and constitutional governance. But sadly, he will "move to the center" and embrace the pussified NRA and the whole permission slip structure as part of time place manner jurisprudence. After all, he IS also a LAWYER. I hope to be pleasantly surprised if he refuses to budge from a true first position. He has ZERO to lose if he does stay true. Gun grabbers already hate him so he doesn't lose them. Fudds ignore gun rights to embrace the freeshitarmy and he won't lose them cuz he didn't ever have them.

But he does have something to gain... Those folks so tired of waffling politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths that they just DONT VOTE AT ALL. If Cruz sticks to basic principles and refuses to budge in the face of collectivist media whining about his refusal - he will win BIG!

Anonymous said...

One can make a slidefire stock on their own quite easily and save youself some cash in the process. I advise checking youtube for specifics. they can ban the brand later maybe but I already have the know how internalized and have passed on what I know to others.

Like 3d printers and home CNC machines they cant stop it.

and if this lawsuit fails and in the future the powers that be decide to go feral there will be plenty of full autos laying everywhere. Never been fired and only dropped once.
So be of good cheer. - The Bellevue Headhunter