Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Conditions are Ripe for a Major Middle Eastern War

It’s a huge amount of fire power, rivalry and armed conflict concentrated in a comparatively small region. And this tinderbox could blow up into a major conflagration, with destructive consequences unparalleled since World War Two.


Anonymous said...

Not Your Daddy’s Militia: Today’s Constitutional Militia Movement Has Grown Up.



Anonymous said...

What a biased, uninformed article. While I agree that Iran and Syria are partly to blame for the powderkeg it the region, Sunni Islam led by Saudi (and ISIS....funded at inception by the US)are behind the current animosity.

Couple Sunni Islam's pushing of the Arab Spring and you have a recipe for conflict with Shiites.

The article is right on one front....there will soon be full fledged war in the ME. And Syria/Iran/Iraq will be on the winning side eventually....with help from a "foreign, unknown, alien god".

Sounds insane, right? Watch for it.

Anonymous said...

And at any moment the modern day Chamberlain (Kerry) will place the cherry on top with his upcoming Peace is at hand treaty!

Anonymous said...

That light the libs are talking about, is the end times train.
The planet is about to get a much needed cleansing, via the educated do good'ers who think talking solves everything.

Jimmy the Saint said...

In a weird way, it makes sense - the Middle East really is kind of overdue for a huge blow up. Parts of WWI and WWII were fought there, but not by the natives. The locals were, in the main, spared the horrors of WWI and WWII. Europe and Asia took a lot of damage, and both, plus North America, took a lot of casualties.

Maybe if the Middle East takes a good universal savaging, it might ultimately work to calm the area down.

Joel said...

Would it be wrong of me to wish them a nice war and hope it continues to the last bloody-minded one of them? Why, besides oil - of which we'd have plenty if we could only get our own idiots under control - should I give a damn whether the middle east countries are going concerns or piles of smoking rubble? Why should I demand my own countrymen bleed to keep these idiots from slaughtering one another? Both Sunnis and Shiites want war? Fine, say I, better with one another than with us. Enjoy your mutual annihilation, and write when you find sanity.

William said...

Um...I thought they WERE at war

Anonymous said...

Yet our SCOAMF Present Obambam makes arms deals with Iran. Princess Pissy-Pants needs to be impeached for this act.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a simpleton article...much loved by Neo-Cons no doubt. Absolutely no reference to the major, major contributions of the U.S. meddling in the Middle East for decades that has brought this cauldron to the boiling point. What would the situation in the Middle East be like today if George W. Bush hadn't lied about WMDs to illegally invade Iraq? There would be no ISIS for one. The U.S. has armed both Shias and Sunnis for quite a while now. We back Shias in Iraq and attack Shias in Yemen...just one example of our bipolar foreign policy supported by both Dims and Repubes to the profitable delight of the military-industrial-congressional complex. The U.S. Fed.Guv has ignited the kindling for the next major conflagration in the Middle East while the uneducated field hands eat chicken wings and watch professional sports.

CP said...

Who cares? Perhaps either one side or the other will be wiped out.

Either way will be good for us.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on Tel Megiddo.

Anonymous said...

Anon on 3/31 at 7pm is spot on.

CP and Joel....guys, a war in the ME, like it or not, will affect each and every one of us directly.

We DO NOT have "plenty of oil". If we rely solely on domestic production we'd be out of oil in less than a decade. During that decade, the price of the remaining oil would skyrocket. Not to mention we don't have enough refineries....even if we got "our idiots" under control and got the EPA to approve new facilities and plants.

A wide scale war (William correctly pointed out they're already at war...it's just smaller scale at this point) in the ME will devastate the world economy. To not recognize this fact is pure folly.

Our foreign and energy policies have led us to this precipice...if we had 10 years to work out LFTR salt thorium reactors, we could definitely be insulated from whatever happens in the ME as well as defund those countries and governments who wish us harm....but we won't, b/c our government is run by special interests and their interest runs in the current energy model.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:10pm makes a good point, but misses Shia 12er ideaology...in which MAD (mutually assured destruction) is not a deterrent b/c twelvers believe that Armageddon must be brought about in order for the Mahdi (the Islamic Messiah) to come back to Earth which will establish the true Islamic Caliphate.

It's not just ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims....it's religious cleansing of other sects of Islam deemed hypocrites...and the war that rages will drag everyone else in as well.

A nuke going off will be the signal for a "much greater power" to step in to keep humanity from destroying itself.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:08 on 4/1....

The US has meddled for a century, if not longer, in the ME.

It's not "blame America" ideology...it's the truth. We set up puppet governments in Egypt and Iran (prior to the 70's) which led to Arab Spring and the Ayatollah...just to name two of dozens of instances in the region.

You are 100% correct that Islam is the core problem, but to deny the US has played any part is the ultimate in misunderstand of the situation there.

Your "solution" seems to be one of scorched earth for any Muslim country....the word "genocide" comes to mind. I disagree with this whole-heartedly as a person who believes in God and the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus). Our enemy may engage in such tactics....that doesn't make his way morally right or make our treating him in the same manner justified in the eyes of the Father.

A much better way to deal with this issue would be to economically destroy the ME and attack their very ability to make jihad by getting off of foreign oil.....back to the LFTR technology someone else mentioned earlier.

Islam is only in a state of peace when it is in submission. They were in submission prior to the late 19th century b/c oil had not yet become their chief commodity export.

The method may not be bloodless, but it's certainly a lot less likely to cause human carnage on both sides than another holy war.

Anonymous said...

I really get a kick out of people who rant and rave about Bush and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Check out Khamisyah, an ammo dump that Saddam Hussein had that was full of chemical weapons. Allies captured it and started blowing up the missiles that were found there and DID NOT KNOW that they were full of Sarin NERVE GAS. My local National Guard unit (2123rd Transportation Company) had a couple dozen trucks driving past that ammo dump. 12 of the drivers are already DEAD, 10 from brain cancer and 2 from early age heart attacks. Neighbor (2 doors away) has the early stages of brain cancer and I know 2 others in the same boat. From what research I have been able to do there are estimated 250,000 allied troops that were exposed to the Sarin Nerve Gas. Nasty stuff.