Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Inconvenient truths about Jones’ successor at ATF warrant investigation

Let me tell you something about ATF "gunwalking." Did you know that if you go to Wikipedia, you'll find no mention of either me or Mike, or our documented roles in breaking the story while imploring both Congress and the media to even notice it? Go ahead-- go explore that last link for a few minutes and see all the reporting that was done before the rest of the media had written word one. Now find anything in that early reporting that later investigations did not bear out -- notwithstanding discrediting attempts by those taking their talking points from the administration. Several people interested in a complete chronology of events have tried to change that, but their entries were always edited out within a day or so.


Anonymous said...

See, you two haven't went through your required training and passed your required training exam and had your required background checks and been ok'd by your local credentialed authorized editor! You two don't have your open journalism permits!!!

See, you two are just sources for sources - not sources of information much less reporters of information.

The authorized class cannot have the serfs thinking they can actually do their protected jobs without first complying with all the permission slip demands. They all might get the idea that their claimed lock on reporting via degree elitism is hogwash - can't be having that!!!

See, they rewrite history as it happens and attempts by others to correct it are rebuffed endlessly. As they lose more and more ability to contain it, they must act more blatantly - as exampled by the wiki-drama.

Boy howdy - can't ya just wait for the Google algorithm that garners the real truth!?

Here is a angle to try.

Do wiki biographies pages on both of you. Then edit what's being rewritten using wiki cross links. That would get oh so interesting!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Marine Corps, both the outgoing POS and his successor are former Marines....someone should find their Drill Instructors at whatever retirement home they are in and bring them back to tell them what pieces of grabasstick amphibian shit they are.

They can join that fat POS Congressman who died a few years ago on the USMC Wall of Shame....

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I had heard that Wikipedia was somewhat compromised, but this is by far the first clear example I've seen.

It seems to me that a few industrious individuals could easily make an effort to recreate the bias that was mentioned, document it and then present the evidence - any takers?

Anonymous said...

When you go to Wikipedia pages you default to an "article" tab. But there's often a back story where the "authorized" editors discuss changes to the article that you can read by clicking the "talk" and/or "view history" tabs at the top of the page.

Note that in addition to the article page, there is no mention of or links to, David Codrea's National Gun Rights Examiner page, Mike Vanderbeogh's Sipsy Street Irregular's page, or the Clean Up ATF web page where people like former Special Agents Cefalu and Dobyns first brought the ATF's internal problems, including Fast & Furious to public attention on the "talk" page or the "view history" page.

In Isaac Asimov's' Foundation novels we meet an archeologist doing research in the still functioning library in the decaying empire's capital world Trantor. We learn that this archeologist has never touched a shovel or done any original field research in his life, instead he has spent his career sifting, collating and criticising the work of others.

Much like the folks over at Wikipedia.