Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'll be at the gunshow again today. No powder but new ammo cans for the price of used.

I'm at table K-35. The show was well-attended yesterday and lots of deals could be had but powder was short and pistol powder was "no got." Parking was at a premium (it always is on a Saturday) and some friends tried and failed to get a spot in 45 minutes of looking. Pet peeve alert: AGCA should long ago have abandoned the Civic Center venue for someplace in the suburbs for that reason alone. Sunday parking is marginally better, but it often pays you to spend the extra bucks to use the parking garage on the other side of the hotel -- park too far out and your car can get broken into.
Had a great time seeing old friends and new. One marvelous fellow donated eight freedom-fighter grade AR 30 rounders which will be, in the fullness of time, smuggled into CT (he also chipped in a twenty for shipping).
As I have written many times before "Packaging is every" when it comes to ammunition storage and combat packaging. (See also "Strippers. .Juden haben waffen!'" and "Tactical Packing the 7.62x54R -- of SPAM, Football Monkeys and Tool of the Evil Communist Conspiracy Against Imperialist Yankee Running Dogs.") One of the best deals was found at the table of "The Can Man," Karl Keller of Sturdy-Box, Inc. who was selling brand new ammo cans of various sizes FOR PRICES THAT OTHER DEALERS WERE SELLING USED CANS FOR. (See this chart for sizes.) Mr. Keller's e-mail address is kkhrguyATwindstreamDOTnet and his phone number is 770-540-2796.
I don't know if I'll be able to do the whole day today (Public hours are 10 until 4), so your best chance of catching me is from when the show opens to say 2PM. Lots to do before I "go under the knife" tomorrow. I have to report to the hospital at 0530. As always, please keep me in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Stripper clips are now three to five dollars each. Like everything else "military" the price has gone past greed to gang rape, and it won't get better 'till the republicrats win the next "selection". After that the Obama panic will end and the prices will drop, even if the same criminals are doing the same things in the same old way

Karl said...

knife?? I hope all goes well!!

Shawn McEwen said...

I just bought 8# of H-380 for $182.00 shipped from Powder Valley in KS. List is $141.00 plus hazmat, shipping. I would buy more but my wife doesn't understand the value of copious amounts of powder... only closets full of shoes.

As for the new ammo cans for the used price... they're selling em cheap because all the ammo is GONE and it ain't coming back!!! :-D

Sorry. That was rude.