Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waco: The Sacred and Profane.

I came out the little driveway on the side of the building and got onto the main driveway that ran along the front of the building. As I turned the corner . . . one of the agents outside a tank started screaming at me to come over to him. My left ankle was all blistered, the skin was rolling off my hands, and my face was burned down the right side of my neck where the mask had been. I guess I took the mask off after I got out. It was kind of melting onto my face. . . . He was cussing me out, telling me if I made a false move he was going to blow my so-and-so head off. But he said: you’re gonna remember this day for the rest of your life. I thought: at least that is a true statement.


Anonymous said...

OMG..I should have known. No sooner than I finished reading the article, I come here...DOH! The thing that really pisses me off about that particular article is..there is no way to comment on the New Yorker..I registered long ago, but Conde-Nast has decided they don't want comments. Fuck them. Re-writing history is going on all over the net. That is the real purpose of articles like this one. The author doesn't FINISH the story as we know it.

Anonymous said...

April 19, the day that shall live in infamy - a day of national shame that taught us that our government is the enemy. We collectively sat on our hands while those at Mt Carmel were murdered. The worst part is that the next time (yes, there will be a next time) will be exactly the same. The only way to stop force is with force. Got your bag packed and your rifle sighted in? I doubt it.

AJ said...

The fact that know one faced charges for that fiasco should tell you all you need to know about the US government.

SWIFT said...

It is my strongest hope that there is a special place in hell awaiting all Federal and State participants at WACO. Bob Ricks, Richard Rogers and Janet Reno, need to have the hottest place available. On another note; has anyone ever connected the dots as to why Bob Ricks was appointed to be Commissioner of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety? My theory is;in such a capacity, he would have been in a position to quash any future private investigation, into the Oklahoma City bombing. He would be in a position to quash/destroy any evidence that could be linked to Potts, Coulson, or himself. Not bad planning for a pack of sub-human hairballs.

Anonymous said...

Great read, well worth the time.

What's going to happen when the FBI decides that Baptists, or Methodists, or whatever are a "cult" and then vilify us as sub-human rifle fodder?

It's already quite obvious that .gov considers us Christians as a threat.
No problem on my end, I already know how the story ends!!

HE came first as a lamb, but I guarantee it HE will return as a Lion.

Anonymous said...

Many of us will never forget the murder of men, women and children by our own government, at that place and time.

We will not forget, that the government still approves of it's actions that day and that they have never disciplined anyone for what what was done. There is a reason for this as that is that one cannot expect to employ willing murders, if one subsequently imprisons them or executes them. The pool of candidates dries up a bit thereafter, even among the willing.

The lies continue to this moment. Literally everyone knows what happened, except the American people who are "protected" from that knowledge by both the government and the media, daily. They know the truth, the facts and conceal them to provide for their interests and not those of the people of this country.

But it will not be forgotten as they hope and soon they may wish they had neither done the deeds nor lied afterwards. We do realize that nothing has changed for the better in Mordor and slowly we realize that we, are not hobits either.

Anonymous said...

Wow....EVERYONE who visits this site needs to read that article.

Peter said...

You folks seem to have missed one of the important points of the article.

The fibbies/FedGov/OPFOR had already decided who Koresh was and what the Davidians were.

No amount of talking will work when the two sides have different definitions of the same word(s).

And if you find yourself on the phone with a negotiator, consider it a hudna, that is to say a temporary truce so you can replenish yourself and/or your supplies while planning for whatever is next. You won't convince them of your Righteousness so simply stall and play for some time.

Shawn McEwen said...

I see many, many parallels to present day Christians (oh and if you're armed AND Christian... HORROR OF HORRORS!!) here. One commenter wrote of April 19th living in infamy... There is another April 19th that lives in infamy. It is that of 1775, when the war that turned a rabble of dissenters into a nation unto themselves began with a few timid shots, and ended with determined vigilance by proud and exhausted folks who risked it all, and won. Strange coincidence. Funny how history works to re-teach lessons forgotten by today's lazy, adolescent minds. Yes, the next time will probably be the same, and the one after that as well, but someday it will not.

Bag packed... Rifle sighted.

Cameraman said...

I recall That day as if it were yesterday. I was so upset, I missed my Militia Meeting, watching all the CNN coverage of Wholesale Murder by a Rug Muncher and the BATF and assorted Thugs of the FBI....I have since Have had my BOB Packed and My MBR Sighted In, I am getting Older but still willing to put the Ole Boots Back On!!

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

What if you're faced with the *other*
side's believers? ie. those intent on
Not too long ago I looked at David
Thibodeau's book on Waco. He found
that those typically thought to be
civil libertarians were uninterested
in hearing him speak.
Oh, and this is appearing in the NYer
in *2014*.