Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doctor's appointment this morning, followed by a little fund-raising and Rhode Island list making.

Still waiting on input from New Jersey. Hopefully more later.

Hmmm. The "Department of Pre-Naughty-or-Nice." Their choice. I like it.


Anonymous said...

The American Patriot - taking names and kicking butt for 237 years (and counting)!


Anonymous said...

Pub owner in South Carolina posts sign declaring he doesn't want business from gun owners, says if you carry concealed that makes you a loser and a "douchebag":

Anonymous said...

It's for the children.

Anonymous said...

Heads up on an A Jones interview of Ares Armor regarding the recent atf raid of that business.
The owner was accompanied by a young lady office manager both of whom remained at the business when atf entered w guns drawn.

Anyway, she clearly identified herself as belonging to the THREE PERCENT who would never disarm, and would expect her children to carry on should something happen to her resisting unlawful thugs.

Keep the faith

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! Liberty Clause hard at work again.

Liberty Clause