Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yeah, but what's going to be their decision when CT state authorities start killing citizens over their products?

Colt Entities Together Again: Company Reunites Military, Civilian Gun Manufacturing
Although separate, the two companies continued to occupy the same space on New Park Avenue in West Hartford.
Dinkel said the decision was not related to recent changes in the state's gun laws, prompted by the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.
Although tougher restrictions on assault-style weapons were not supported by Colt, company business has yet to be impacted, Dinkel said. The company plans to remain in West Hartford, but Dinkel said Colt will continue to monitor the situation. At least one company, PTR Industries in Bristol, has announced it will move to South Carolina, and other gun manufacturers have said they are considering leaving Connecticut.
"The bigger the company, the harder it is to move," Dinkel said, but he added: "It all remains to be seen."
"Remains to be seen"?!? What will it look like when they have to gaze past the bodies of dead Connecticut citizens killed by the forces of state violence over their possession of Colt products? Is THAT what "remains to be seen?"


Anonymous said...

Yes but....

Chances are good that the SWAT teams shooting CT civilians will also be armed with Colt products.

Remember when S&W climbed in bed with Slick Willie Clinton? They quickly learned that preserving the 10% of your sales that go to government entities doesn't help much if by doing so you lose the 90% that go to civilians. Apparently that lesson was lost on Colt.

Dakota said...

Interesting to note that during the 1st Civil War most of the arms manufacturers were in the North. Now they are going to be in the South if the current trend continues.

I guess that this proves that you cannot get along with Washington and their paid "whores" who advance their commie fucking agenda.

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin ya -

If people would refuse to do business with the double dealing companies, the companies would then have to take an open stand. And when those manufacturers do so, the garbage ends.

Hers the FACT!
The civilian market is BIGGER than the military contract market IF government restrictions are removed.

Anonymous said...

Colt is a whore to its government contracts and always will be. They along with Mossberg and Stage are full of shit and aren't moving out of Connecticut. No worries we don't need them.

Anonymous said...

Gun owners have to wise up.
Only when manufacturers are left with ONLY their precious government contracts will they wake up.

Boycott all who refuse to stop arming those who are stripping us of our rights!

Paul X said...

Thanks for reminding me why I have zero Colt guns.

Unknown said...

Boycott gun and accessory makers who sell to LE or government agencies in states where civilians can't buy the same items. Simple.

Unknown said...

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