Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christie plays Russian roulette with his presidential ambitions.

For some gun-control supporters, the remarks kindled hopes that a scandal-hobbled Christie, who has largely sided with firearms enthusiasts and the gun lobby, was opening the door to a conversion to their cause.
See also: New Jersey gun owners await Christie reprieve
LATER: NJ: Magazine-limit bill nearing Gov. Christie’s desk


Unknown said...

Still waiting for the NJ list.

sdharms said...

well, I haven't seen Christie siding with 2A supporters. He cannot redeem himself.

Anonymous said...

Krispy is NOT a defender of the plain language of the Constitution.

A Texan said...

Glad that I don't live in that $hithole of a prison state any more. Imagine having to wonder about your ability to remain outside of a cage and actually have a life that you've worked for, all based upon the "good will" of a bunch of statist thugs who are doing nothing more or less than threatening you to score some temporary political points with the equally thug-like morons who are your neighbors.

Like I said, glad I'm gone. But I'm not moving again.

Anonymous said...

The day I see the Republitard RINOs selecting Krispy for Preezy (because he's next in line, don't'cha'know) is the day I don't vote. Period.

B Woodman