Sunday, March 23, 2014

Smuggler update.

It has been impossible for me to keep up with all the emails and snail mails I've been getting, and I've been falling behind on even my thank you notes for subscriber donations. My apologies and I will try to get caught up on that at least. One recent arrival stands out, though. We continue to prepare for a big smuggling event into CT later this spring/summer, to include more ammunition. So it was well-timed that I received a box of 1,660 pieces of .38 brass from Charles in CT and a significant contribution to assist in the smuggling campaign. It occurred to me that I can save money by reloading the .38s and then we can send them right back to the state of their origin -- behind enemy lines in Tyrant Malloy's Connecticut (also known as King Dannell, the Clueless). It is both sweet and fitting, and stretches the resources a bit. So to Charles I am awarding the honorific of Smuggler Logistician, First Class. Look for it in the mail, Charles. I'll try to get it out along with the other mail that's piled up by Tuesday.


Jim Klein said...

"We continue to prepare for a big smuggling event into CT later this spring/summer, to include more ammunition."

Hey, now that's how you get half a million traders together---ammo agora! You do it, and don't forget the BEST reason for doing it...keeping your own self alive. WIN!!

Unknown said...

I like King Danny Boy Malloy better. During his run for governor, he allowed people to call him Dan or Danny, but right after he got elected and took office he started to correct everyone that his name was Daniel not Dan or Danny.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I think everyone knows about your problems by now. I think just a general thank you would suffice, in these hard times. Remember what Jimma Cater said about snail mail today.

Shawn McEwen said...

Not to sound ungrateful or unwilling to accept praise , but I'm not here for the thanks. I'm here doing what I can because there are a lot of folks out there who can't do for themselves what those of us in the free states can. I do this because it's right. I do this because there is a need. I do this because I can, and I will do it until I can't.

Don't worry about the gratitude right now, it is appreciated, but never necessary. Concentrate on getting well.