Saturday, March 22, 2014

Don't Be A Fudd

My thanks to the several readers who forwarded this link.


Anonymous said...

Ha! What a Fudd. The world is full of self-proclaimed experts. Just fill in the discipline, add some fresh BS and go prothlatize to others more ignorant than yourself.

What a gig.

Anonymous said...

He sure is smug, and I don't need smug Fudds to do my thinking for me. In fact I don't care what he thinks about guns or anything else. No round in the chamber pretty much negates the reason for defensive carry.

Anonymous said...

Imagine HOW MANY irresponsible LEO, politicians bodyguard & military are carrying a firearm with a round chambered!

Why we NEED a Barney law for the only ones...

1911guy said...

IMHO, that asshat has never been further into the woods than the shoulder of the road.
His "hunting" clothes looked pretty damn cleaned and pressed to me; looked more like a liberal fucktard university professor to me.
You don't feel comfortable around guns? Run screaming to mommy and hide in your basement. Not your place to tell me what I can have/carry.

Anonymous said...

More of the "intellectual left" lying in pretence of what they are not, in order to get what they want, taking from others and giving to themselves, Your freedoms and liberty.

Anonymous said...

This is why I cannot, in good conscience, ever give money to the likes of the NRA. This is their constituency. These gentleman Fudds will sell their grandmas for a quarter so long as they can continue to polish their Perazzis at the Rod and Gun Club safetly away from the hoi polli.

Anonymous said...

Another liberal, lying moron, trying to dis inform the crowd of sheep.

His heart is palpitating so hard its effecting his breathing and speech.

I pray for the day that his head is vaporized while he's busy trying to draw or chamber a round in a self defense situation.


Anonymous said...

This guy is no "lifelong hunter". His hunting clothes look brand new, hardly worn.

And he says to keep a bullet out of the chamber and the safety on if you're moving? Obviously, he's never been walking down a 2-track through the woods when a buck comes running through.

I call Bullshit on this one.

He's just some anti-gun fucktard who's being juiced by some democrat to put on some camo, stand in front of a camera and spout a bunch of crap.