Thursday, March 20, 2014

Appeals court deals latest blow to Reese family by overturning new trial

The Reese agony continues.


Jim Klein said...

I'll be blunt, for the Rule of Law folk that are undoubtedly reading. While this stands as it is, Rule of Law is a fraud. Well, it's almost always a fraud; I mean it's CLEARLY a fraud with this.

Rule of Law isn't what you think it is in your head. It's what it IS, like this, and all the rest.

Anonymous said...

Ok all you peckerneck NRA apologists, how you explain how it can be that your precious NRA hasn't stepped in here? Too busy helping all those tee shirt wearers? Oh wait, the NRA turns a blind eye to those cases also.

Got "lobbying" to do in legislatures, huh?

I am left to wonder how many cases it's going to take before "life members" have a light bulb go on above their heads.

Hey Mr Cox ucker....... STEP UP OR STEP DOWN.

SWIFT said...

Kudos to the Tea Party Patriots of Luna County, for your unflinching support of the Reese family. I hope you realize who you are dealing with. The ATF, like the FBI, are a vindictive group of syphilitic cockroaches. Make no mistake that all your phones are tapped, snail mail intercepted, computers monitored, perhaps even a tracking device on your vehicles, not to mention covert aerial surveillance of your homes. In spite of this, your support of the Reese family, is the most honorable thing I have read about in years. May God bless you!