Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mental Health And Guns: Mentally Defective Because You Believe In The Second Amendment

Simply because local LEOs wanted to, the Plaintiffs had their weapons confiscated, and the LEOs ignored constitutional protections regarding illegal search and seizure. The case has to do with residents of Illinois, but it could be anywhere. Now someone spend the time and expend the effort to explain to me how mental health checks are going to keep guns out of the hands of “dangerous criminals.” Go ahead. I’m listening.


Anonymous said...

Let's clear up a few things. Liberals could care less that criminals can still get guns and use them in spite of all the gun control legislation they force on us. That's not the point of gun control legislation.

They don't fear criminals. The folks they actually fear are law abiding Americans who are fans of the Constitution and it's founders. Those of us who would stand in their way, armed to the teeth, and stop them and their drive to create a socialist, police state. We are their dire enemy. They know they are going to have to kill us in order to have their way.

Here's the truth. They will never stop their push for their dream of a Marxist Utopia.

We will never, willingly, give up our guns without a bloody fight.

This is going to come to blows, sooner or later. We'd best start planing how we are to win and keep as many true Americans alive as possible.

If the thought of "kill lists" 4GW scare you, then you better find a place to hide, because it's coming and it's going to be ugly.

Anonymous said...

The reason LEO does this is to cement FOID cards. Over and over, FOID card possession is used a defense - rather than simple Second Amendment rights

LEO knows they will lose these cases but that's the POINT.

This is a hoodwink and I'm left to wonder how long LEO will tolerate being the politicians bitches, being the scapegoat in trying to protect outright infringements.

The other aspect - searching without a warrant - is to keep jurisprudence on the fourth amendment level instead of where it has to be - on the SECOND. It's not unlike the NRA track with state preemption.... That track allows for tenth amendment shenanigans ALL of it designed to AVOID having to face facts in court - that the second ITSELF declares these rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!