Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NJ Lawmaker Rips Magazine Ban to Shreds

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Anonymous said...


Kenny said...

Wow. Interesting someone with fundamental common sense within NJ law makers. Do you think someone is listening?

Paul X said...

Good speech - although one wonders if Carroll would apply the same logic to the absurdity of "drug crimes".

Look at the bright side. If NJ passes a law so absurd, lots of NJ citizens will finally understand what the state is all about. Unintended consequences...

A Texan said...

Excellent speech.

I used to live in that prison-state. I could never (and still don't) understand the reasoning behind criminalizing the possession of a metal (or plastic) box containing a spring - what are you going to do with it, throw it at someone? Oh, but only SOME of them - the ones that are "too big."

FYI, I left the PRNJ with dozens of such boxes...let the phuckers come to Texas to take me to jail for violating their "law."

The Old Coach said...

As of 3:10 PM, apparently taken down by Utoob.

Anonymous said...

It will ultimately be those same unintended consequences that will be their undoing, in a very harsh and violent manner if they decide to create millions of new criminals with the intent of disarming them.

bloodyspartan said...

He is actually wrong about Cars,
We had a right to come and go as we please, the method of transportation is immaterial.
This is why Horse thieves were hung.

Travel takes time which we all have a limited amount.
Driving is not a privilege.
Especially when we pay for all of it.

Other than that very good, but all politicians are now committing and they will keep passing Unconstitutional acts.

TREASON what shall we do.

No id to vote but Magazines and weapons must be registered wake up

Spending our County to Oblivion controlling everything including food.

Time for WAR>

Anonymous said...

A remarkably well-reasoned speech from the Garden State. Hope the message carries on.