Saturday, March 29, 2014

Montana ammo casing processor raid recalls warnings of anti-gun agenda at OSHA

Case in point, since OSHA is mentioned as a possible catalyst in Thursday’s Bozeman raid by other agencies, this column warned back in 2009 that Obama’s pick to head the agency, David Michaels, was strongly anti-gun and committed to using regulatory schemes to get his way.


Anonymous said...

Obama did promise that he would be using "executive action" outside the legislative process in pursuit of what he cynically calls "gun safety". We're seeing it with things like this, the 80% receiver raids, the EPA shutting down lead smelting, and now the ban on 5.45x39 imports.

Anonymous said...

Shame shame shame on the Bozeman police department for prostituting themselves to the federal government. They spread their legs wide for Obama and Soros. How disgusting that they would let the feds come in and violate a sovereign citizens rights based on a bogus worker safety claim. Bozeman police must like being on the bottom while the feds are on top doing what they will. How many new toys do they get for this. Hey Montana what are you going to do about this?

Anonymous said...

Where's the lead coming from. I thought USA Brass processed BRASS. What am I missing?