Monday, March 24, 2014

I have been asked if I had anything to do with this video. I did not not. Weaponizing an idea.

A reader asked if I had anything to do with this video, seeing as how it uses some of my words and my list of Connecticut tyrants. I did not. However, it comes as no particular surprise. This is a video generation.
What I had to say to the Connecticut tyrants I said here. But the reason I deliberately made the Three Percent a movement and not an organization was that you can't stop an idea. Indeed, as i wrote after the Hartford speech last year:
I walked beside many Three Percenters at the Hartford rally, before and after my speech. You know the gratifying thing? Few of those who carried Threeper flags or who sported Three Percenter patches and tabs on their uniforms knew who I was. THAT is the success of an open source insurgency idea. It is a testament to the greatness of an idea that it is larger and more powerful than the originator. In the end, they will be able to say, "We did it ourselves."
Gentle readers and Three Percenters, we have succeeded, you and I, in weaponizing an idea. This idea cannot be killed. It can be misinterpreted, profaned and discredited by those who pretend to claim it for their own reasons however sordid, which is why I am so jealous of the brand. But the essence of it cannot be killed. It will go on and on. This is something that the tyrants in Connecticut and elsewhere should consider before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

It would appear that our modern version of broadsheets and pamphlets are being distributed. History seems to be repeating itself. It's beginning to feel a bit more pre-revolutionary, as a 16th generation resident of MA, I do appreciate the irony, even if the legislators of New England do not. Here I stand, I can do no other.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if this video was emailed to each person listed? To paraphrase Clint Eastwood, "That should make their day".

Anonymous said...

I think the Founding Fathers would approve.

If those legislators were uncomfortable before with having their names and addresses released, maybe once that video gets some more traction (thanks to this website) they'll start shitting bricks...

CzarChasm said...

What a great reply to that inquiry, Mike. When I saw the video, it struck me as depicting the principled defiance of ~300K+ gun owners as actually seeking violence, as being on the "hunt" so to speak for the tyrants listed. While I still think the producers of the video were trying to project that type of meme, the wisdom in this post reveals it as a natural and integral part of any credible Patriot movement -- There must be a credible threat of unacceptable (to the tyrants) levels of violence and/or civil unrest before the tyrants will bend to the movement's will. Liberty is never given, but always won through struggle. It is left to the enemies of liberty to decide whether or not that struggle is political and peaceful, or violent and chaotic. I pray it is the former, but as always, prepare for the latter.

May God Bless you and protect you, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if in Matt Bracken's "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" (I admit it. I got em for free when I could.) the "Fed List" had gone viral on YouTube like this as well as being spread everywhere as a text file. Talk about the badguys not knowing whether to shit or go blind.

Seems to me that a meme for the "insurrectionists" could be a photo of a house with the text "We know where you live." superimposed on it. Do you think a set of mil dot crosshairs also superimposed on the house be too blatantly (obviously/easily prosecutable) a threat? After a while it would seem that just the graphic of a house would suffice.

What do you folks think?

It'sjustme said...

All I can say is....Wow. First thing that came to mind was the movie "The Purge".
Maybe an idea (with a few modifications) who's time has come?

Anonymous said...

I am shortly to be hosting some women and children from that state, whose husbands are afraid of the deliberate danger to them that state actions are expected to soon produce.

I am glad for the company, but sad for the reason for it.

Anonymous said...

And we are EVERYWHERE.

Edwin III

Anonymous said...

I don't think this video helps our cause. It makes us out to be murdering thugs. I thought one of the main principles of 4G warfare is to always have the moral high ground. Anyone who believes the propaganda on Nazi gun owners will not have their minds changed by this video.

Anonymous said...

Wow some of you are just thirsty for blood. Can't wait to drink it by the gallon. No, the purge is a terrible idea because as always, the bastard elites who institute the purge of course stay on top and are completely immune to it. Never ever forget that war is waged by the few who have everything to gain and fought by those with everything to lose. I haven't seen the purge but I am sure the elite who instituted it get entertained watching the purge at their cocktail parties. They want us ripping each others throats out instead of instead of directly confronting the elite on top. The only justification for violence is in direct self defense which I believe can include modern 4G warfare tactics to go after the decision makers and decision followers.

MtTopPatriot said...

I think the idea of the 3 percent is something that inspires people, it also terrifies tyrants, indeed because it is inspiring to the idea of the underdog prevailing against all odds. Our founders did it. They waged the most successful kick arse just cause revolution in all the 5000 year history of humanity. What's not to like and aspire to about that if you have one ounce of Liberty in your blood?

If that does not spark something in your heart, you must be truly a useful dupe, an armed regime arse licking thug, or a psychopath bent on ruling men.

I think it speaks to something inherent in he fabric of the culture that hasn't been usurped of this Republic.
Indeed. How can that be destroyed?
Even far more pertinent, the agenda to breed and pogrom the idea of the 3% out of the populace actually nourishes and nurtures such noble and profound natural born defiance. That I believe is as it should be.

The 300 understood this and had the courage to go forth, regardless of the insurmountable odds, regardless of being afraid as such men must have been. Because if the idea of the III percent signified anything, the courage of ones convictions must be motivation enough. But gladly there is far more to it than that alone.
To know you are not alone, that others share this idea, is the crux of it's everlasting existence I think. Where once created, Liberty can never be placed back in the tyrants shackles.

Maybe all this, the madness, the tyranny overshadowing everything, is just what Liberty needs.
That maybe this is an opportunity tat comes only once in an age. That this trial and tribulation is what is required to forge anew the idea of Liberty in the hearts and minds of men.

For sure it looks like the 3 percent may very well be the last hope of Liberty in the entire world. For what other peoples are in the position to thwart and destroy tyranny in our time?

We are all Ewoks if we want to be. If we choose to be.
Ewoks with a black rifle to wave in the tyrants faces.
And it is the rifle in the hands of Freemen who are the only existential threat to the tyrants but the tyrants own madness and propensity for self destruction.

Having the choice is what matters. That is Liberty distilled to it's essence in regards to the scale of evil it faces right now.
It is understanding the choice which defines one as a Freeman.
So it is, and does empower one, this idea of the lll%.
That is why it is such a dangerous idea. Because the son of a bitches are very afraid of what the 3 percent can do to them for what they are doing to us.
Who else is there?
And that is as it should be too.

J. Hannibal Smith said...

Wonder if the Ceausescu execution video is floating on the interwebs somewhere. Might be a nice object lesson for these petty tyrants.

Paul X said...

@Anon 8:08
"Never ever forget that war is waged by the few who have everything to gain and fought by those with everything to lose."

You fail to make the correct distinction. As Edward Abbey put it, "There never was a good war or a bad revolution." This video is about revolution. The ruling class will not gain from it, not in a million years.

The worry that this "looks bad" is also overstated. People are not going to turn into gun prohibitionists because of a youtube. The very thing that has turned many former prohibitionists is that actual gun prohibition WOULD lead to war and extreme violence, and most people don't want that however much they may hate guns. This video reinforces that message.

The "no Fort Sumters" message is important and I do hope people hold back before going on the rampage. The necessary first step is to start ignoring laws, not to kill idiot legislators. But, as a *response* to an actual violent attack by state thugs? Have at it...

Anonymous said...

I don't think that anyone who takes out one of these politicians AFTER confiscation begins can really be called a murderer. We have a right to self defense that precedes the Constitution and taking out one of these scumbags is simply defending our rights.

Anonymous said...

This video has since been removed
from YouTube. another important
lesson there. What did it say?