Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Before you share photos online, watch this video

From last year but still pertinent.


Anonymous said...

This is why I NEVER publicly post where I'm going. I only share when I get back.

It blows my mind that someone would take a picture of their gold coins with their phone and then post it to Facebook. What an IDIOT!!! I don't want people knowing what kind of valuable things I've got in the house.

Doing that is just asking for trouble.

John Otis Comeau said...

for a long time now, Facebook has been stripping EXIF data on photos. maybe Twitter too, I'm not sure. but they very likely share the unstripped original with Uncle Scam, so the same caveats hold anyway.

Anonymous said...

Facebook strips EXIF data now. Some other sites do, some do not. Better to be safe than sorry.

Dakota said...

Sooooo .... if I am reading this correctly, "we the people" can take a photo of something that might peak the interest of some certain enemies of the Constitution. When they show up to try and work their will on "we the people", we can work our will on them. That is friggin BRILLIANT!!!

j said...

I think this article should perhaps be repeated from time to time for those who missed it on the first go round. I have seen pictures that people have posted on blogs, displaying their weapons collections, and as Mr. Comeau points out, I would not be nearly as concerned about local thugs getting past home security measures, as I would the dot gov thugs knowing who has what and where.

Bear said...

Fortunately, there are plenty of free tools for deleting such data. One such is:
Easy Exif Delete
"Detect and delete JPEG exif data with Easy Exif Delete, a freeware application from ConsumerSoft. Exif data is a form of hidden metadata attached to jpeg (.jpg) images. This data can contain camera type, lens type, shutter speed and exposure, date and time, copyright information, author, programs used to edit the image, and even longitude and latitude for some photos taken with GPS enabled phones."

Plenty more out there, just do a web search on "freeware EXIF strip".

rexxhead said...

On the other hand, let me add that this is just one more talent for a very handy image-handler program, Irfanview (pronounced ear-fan), from the equally talented fingers of Irfan Skiljan of Vienna.

And it's FREE.

Kristophr said...

The only things I share publicly on google+ are blog photos, and the video directory of my smartphone.

My droid device's google+ app automatically uploads anything in that directory.

Taking my smartphone will not prevent videos of badly acting authorities from being smeared all over the internet.

Anonymous said...

posting pictures of Gold or weapons, silly silly people

... heck I don't discuss what I have, much less take pictures of it.

Kristophr said...


I own a federally registered Lahti.

The feds already know who I am.