Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gun-carrying customer stops syringe assault outside Michigan Home Depot

Drugged, violent and predatory -- but not stupid. "Police in Roseville, Michigan say a man suspected of trying to steal a drill from a local Home Depot repeatedly stabbed a store guard with a dirty syringe Monday until a customer with a concealed firearm license intervened and ordered the man to stop."


CzarChasm said...

The overwhelming odds are, considering that the BG is a long-time user of intravenous drugs, he has either Hep C or HIV or both, and may yet still have killed the security guard.

Anonymous said...

That needle needs tested. If any traces of deadly/terminal diseases are found on it then the charges need to be upped to attempted murder.

If the victim contracts any of those deadly/terminal diseases, then the charges need upped again to murder.


Anonymous said...


Stopped by a LICENSE?

Was it loaded?