Thursday, March 20, 2014

Issa subpoenas ‘storefront sting’ documents, questions Jones’ leadership of ATF

Calling attention to yet another example of government stonewalling, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrel Issa issued a subpoena Wednesday to compel the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to produce long-requested documents related to ATF’s controversial and fiasco-plagued nationwide “storefront sting” operations.


HappyClinger said...

Election year, ain't it, Issa?

SWIFT said...

Defund the sons-of-bitches and be done with it. Trying to play mind games with this "transparent" administration is a waste of time and tax money. If that medieval looking troll, Elijah Cummings, objects, kick him in the balls. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Issa will cry and whine before cameras but he has proved it is all he will do.

Issa is like chuck Hagel- a lackey put in a position to deflect from and protect democrats so long as it's an (R) doing it.

Issa is a stooge and like the silent speaker should be ousted.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! Another strongly worded letter! That will certainly bring them to heel!