Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sorry for getting started late today, but it's been a rather rough past day or so.

By means of my wound care doc (who is not on spring break like the rest), I found out yesterday that Monday's test results do not indicate any mass, tumor or thickening of tissue in my kidneys or bladder. That's the good news. Logic would then dictate that the elevated creatinine has to do with my medication (either the Gleevec or the Lasix). I have stopped taking both until I can get the oncologist and the new nephrologist together on the same page sometime next week (after spring break).
Until then, I struggle on with the health issues. (There is no doubt that the elevated creatinine is getting me down, I can feel the difference and can't get done the things I normally do. For example, I overslept today big time, yet do not feel rested.) Then there is the work load, which is not going away.
I would like to draw your attention to the exchange of comments on this post, where I explain my thinking on why I decided not to use reloads in the smuggling campaign. I probably should have made a separate post about it, but that takes more effort that frankly I don't have.
In any case, I'm getting on with the work as best I can. Keep me in your prayers, please. This is spiritual warfare as much as anything.


Anonymous said...

Hey mike - you should address this directly with a weenie wagon post!

Lefty talk radio jerk mike Malloy openly threatened to shoot any NRA board member.

Anonymous said...

What was this guy supposed to do - wear his pistol on top of his hat?

This ridiculous shit has got to stop. Stop hiring cops whose IQ floats around the 70's.

Anonymous said...

In my prayers. God Bless.