Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh crap. The disinformation that keeps on confusing.

Readers will recall this recent post: "Before It's Disinformation: Purveying Disinformational BS as News."
Now we have this breathless regurgitated excrement, courtesy of some credulous souls and uncritical thinking at IT'S HAPPENING: COPS GOING DOOR-TO-DOOR IN CONNECTICUT RIGHT NOW CONFISCATING GUNS
LATER: And here's another one. Some disinformation firebug has started a prairie fire, the stupid (or deliberately crafty) bastard. Of course the beauty of this from the disinformation artist's point-of-view is that we don't have the resources or time (at least I sure as hell don't) to debunk each and every one of these as they appear and they get picked up faster than ebola.


CB said...

While fanning the flames the dude is collecting click thru's, selling knives, t-shirts and Adam&Eve sex toys. Brilliant huckster buckster.

Anonymous said...

Surely this is all part of 4G Warfare?

Fill cyberspace with unverifiable and contradictory drivel and misinformation!

Confussion and Damnation to the enemy who intercepts and records all the nonsense - while the "good stuff" goes by human agency securely carried by hand.

Sifting the wheat from the chaff is a so much bigger job when the kernels of goodness are not even there ... but might be!

Let suspicion torment their hearts ...



Unknown said...

I came here today specifically wondering if this were true. Thanks for not disappointing.

Pericles said...

What I don't understand is the compulsion of people to forward "news" that is of dubious source, unverified by the sender, concerning events about which the sender will do nothing.

Who do they think they are helping?