Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Even the mighty are finding .22 Long Rifle supplies a problem.

"Another challenge has been the shortage in ammunition, which Sturm Ruger does not make. Fifer, a former Navy submariner with an MBA from Harvard Business School, said the shortage has been so acute that his company has had difficulty getting enough ammo to test its guns."
The article is headlined: "Gunmaker says sales ease to 'realistic' levels." Well, just wait until the civil war breaks out in Connecticut boys. You won't have any problems with demand -- except filling it.


Anonymous said...

No shit!

But we do know who isn't having one bit of difficulty obtaining ammunition don't we?

Good old uncle sugar. In fact it seems like we (non-governmental users) started having problems right about the time they decided to buy everything not already on the shelves...

I'm told I'm wrong in that assessment.

BULLSHIT. I know it when I hear it.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I think filling the demand can be taken from the .gov troops after it begins. I would like to see all makers of ammo to do like Barrett and the other gun makers who have stopped selling to states like California who misuse the Constitution.