Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm guessing this guy a. thinks the uniform makes him look cool to females and b. doesn't have a DD-214.

"Things got heated on the San Joaquin Delta College campus last week when a man wearing a military uniform was confronted by two veterans who believe he never served." This is a pet peeve of veterans like my son and I can hardly blame them.


Yenta of Sipsey Street said...

How would those fat-assed deputies like civilians posing in cop uniforms? Freedom of speech and expression?

Anonymous said...

This is a pet peeve of mine, too. We used to have a guy in the Atlanta area who wore Marine Colonel's insignia and the Medal of Honor, but one look told me that he had never served. He was finally publicly outed.

When I was thirty I guess I looked like a kid. I was confronted very rudely at a veteran's event by a pudgy guy in a pink beret (no shit) who yelled out that I wasn't a vet and should not be there. I calmly showed him my ID card and told him very politely to get out of my face. He beat feet. I suspect that, if the guy in the video was for real, he would do the same.


Sean said...

Not a pet peeve, Boss, this is the prelude to having his ass kicked up between your shoulder blades, with my foot so far up it, his breath is going to smell like Kiwi for a month type of situation. I catch assholes like this every now and then, and make them put em' up, or slink off. MF posers. Tell your son I'm proud of him, and thanks for his service as a man, and an American. Semper Paratus.

Anonymous said...

You can tell he's a faker just by his demeanor, before he even opens his mouth.

He's timid, shies away, any real Ranger would have instantly gotten into a fight with someone accusing him of not being a Ranger.

An E-8 is a Master Sgt, he's too young for that.

Many people will do nice things for someone in uniform, buying drinks, meals, etc. Maybe that's what this kid was after.

Anonymous said...

Screw the above.

Who the hell are you to say what one may wear? Oh no, must not wear purple - only royalty may! Buncha damn nanny staters - own it.

And y'all look & sound silly worshipping the military.

Anonymous said...

I would not want anyone to think I had lined up under Barry Obama the organizer in chief, Bush, Clinton, ect.
If I was a young man and had a uniform I would not wear it in public for fear I would be judged by who I was willing to follow.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy just wanted a little reflected glory.

Anonymous said...

"Who the hell are you to say what one may wear?"

Great point.

Anonymous said...

If ya'all are interested in this story, you need to beat mouse-tracks over to The VETS over there have been busting this asshole's chops for a week now (and a lot of other posers for a lot longer).

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Now, for you two commentators who don't like those of us who can't stand poseurs: I don't worship the military at all, I know it too well for any that. Also, I would not have served under Barry Soetero. I retired, thank God, before he came along. However, I did put in 26 years, Active and Reserve, and those who wear the uniform but who never served are liars and cheats, and I don't mind seeing them outed.


Unknown said...

I just don't understand why anyone would ever do this. If you want to be military so bad, join the military. And if they won't take you, join the Air Force.

Chris Mallory said...

Yenta, cops are civilians. People not employed by the government are CITIZENS.

Both the Anons are correct. If this guy is a tax payer, he has every right to any trappings worn by a government employee. The military exists to serve us, the American people. The servant does not tell the master what he can or cannot wear.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, if you want to have an assault rifle, join the military!

Nice ring to it, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chris Mallory did you serve in the military? Or were you, sir, too caught up in being a "master?"



Hefferman said...

Mr. Mallory.
With all due respect, you don't know jack. I am not a Ranger, I am a Marine. The right to wear that tab, or a Marine uniform is earned, and only those who have the metal to earn it should ever wear that tab, or uniform. To do other wise is to disgrace, the sacrafice men and women have made to keep your civilian butt safe for over 200+ years.
Please pull your brain housing group out of your rear most orific, and get some much needed fresh air.
He never earned the right to wear that uniform, and should have been made to strip and walk home in his Spiderman Underoos.
He should be glad I was not there. I would have pushed him till he did something and then stomped a mud hole in his chest.

Walter Zoomie said...

Way back a long time ago I was at Camp Pendleton bullshitting with my buddies prior to morning formation. I was in utilities, and I was acting a fool as young, dumb, exuberant PFCs often do.

A salty Gunnery Sergeant apparently notice my performance, appeared out of thin air, and quietly whispered a few discrete "sweet nothings" in my left ear.

Gunny didn't cause a scene and go all Full Metal Jacket drill instructor, but he left an indelible impression on me.

His tactics were effective.

Just sayin'...