Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well, that's nice to know. Another country heard from.

From a comment (anonymous, of course) to the Schumer post below:
And you have still done more damage to the cause of liberty than he has. My only question is this: Are you a federal agent? Or are you too stupid to understand that you help them more than us? You present no solutions and create many problems. You have spent your coin of influence Mike; No one with a brain thinks that you are helping. In fact many of us now believe your blog is a PSYOP. Its time for you to Go away. Spend your last days with your family. Your influence with the FREEFOR is for the most part ended.
From the text and the reference to "FREEFOR" I'd guess that this is another of Kerodin's acolytes. Anonymous asks if I am a federal agent, channeling Alex Jones no doubt, who has never publicly retracted his 2010 allegation even after I confronted him at the Alamo, securing a promise that would. Of course if you talk to the neo-Nazis, they're just as certain that I am an agent of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL and the Mossad. If you talk to Walter Reddy and the LaRouchies, I am an agent of British secret service (I forget whether it's MI-5 or MI-6, you'll have to ask Walter about that). Of course the late and largely unlamented William Cooper called me "John Doe #5". (If you followed his career that was somewhat after he claimed to have been an agent of ONI and to have shot it out with space aliens and somewhat before he killed a local deputy and was himself shot in return.) But it IS nice to know that my "influence with the FREEFOR is for the most part ended." Now, if someone will just inform the authorities of the states of CO, CT, MD, NJ, NY and RI as well as the Holder DOJ, we can all go about our business, I guess.


Dave said...

He wants you to go away, and yet he's still reading...or having someone read it to him. Probably lives in mama's basement, has no girlfriend, and orders in pizza...and mama pays for it.

Anonymous said...

Sipsey Street Irregulars and Western Rifle Shooters are the first internet stops I make on a daily basis. Both sites with their numerous links are furthering the cause in these troublesome times. As for 'Absolved' further elaboration is needed for Projects R, P, and M, especially the contribution of the two Texans for Project R. Consolidation of all Praxis articles would also be useful for the constant stream of newcomers as they wake up.

Allen said...

"federal agents" are easy to spot. they are the ones that wish loudly someone would start shooting but they certainly won't soil their own hands with the task.

alex jones, kerodin, and hal turner went to the same school. they know how to go to that edge, and let other people fall off of it for arrest and a nice fat FBI check.

SWIFT said...

"You present no solutions and create many problems". How about the restoration of the Constitution, in it's original intent, as a solution? Seems I've read that more than once on this blog. As for creating problems; that's what the patriot movement is all about. Create problems by pushing back against sub-human hairballs and their praetorian guard. Oh, I'm also a supporter of signing my handle.(Easily traceable). In my humble opinion, it shows I have some steel in my spine and the ass to back up my words.

David Forward said...

I find it utterly fascinating (NOT) that brave critics with analytical minds, the wisdom to see and know all of what is right or wrong in the world, and the courage to publicly state same choose to utilize the anonymous tag. Reminds me of the coward SWAT bullies who wear face covering ski masks to hide their density from the world due to their cowardly nature/character.

Jim Klein said...

Zoomie covered it in the other thread, but this is like watching you slash your wrists, Mike.

An anonymous email turned into a topic about Kerodin, based only on writing the word "guess"?? I mean, really now. Surely Kerodin's got enough in his own name to keep you busy, if that's how you want to devote your time.

Damn, I wonder how many different patches there'll have to be. Glad we got Zoomie to do all the work!

Anonymous said...

Well Jim, are you in it for a patch?

Alan W. Mullenax said...

Yeah,Mike. What Jim said.

That wasn't necessary brah.

To much happening now to regurgitate that shit. Give it a rest.

Great Geezer said...

To hell with them, Mike. You are an activist in the true sense, you actually get things stirred up. Meanwhile, on their sites, it sounds like bar room bragging. Oh yeah, and tits, LOTS of tits on display. I guess that's their idea of helping the cause. Some of them are apparently openly committing crimes, being convicted felons, by their own admission and in possession of guns. Oh well, no thinking man is fooled by them. Keep up Gods work and my best and prayers to you.

Welshman said...

Mike, you have to wonder who this person is. My hunch is that it is several who ooze out of the same cesspool. I say that because I have had persons, all anonymous, tell me that I am more of a hindrance to the conservative/libertarian gun rights and liberty movement than a help. One said outright that they don't need people like me in the movement. The only motive behind such balderdash, that I can tell, is to silence our voices. Fat chance.

DC Wright said...

Mike, you and Anthony and Kurt and David are some of the best, most reasoned voices we have. Never give in, never give up. Y'all are in my prayers daily!

Semper fi,
D. C. Wright
Son of the Living God and
USMC Retired

Anonymous said...

I listen to Alex Jones every moment I get in my car. I call into his listen line because no radio stations carry him. Alex Jones has never wished for direct violence but to engage in an infowar and to fight back only when attacked. Have you seen his Piers Morgan rant? He has said 1776 will commence again when they try to take the firearms. Alex Jones has never wished that someone would start shooting as mentioned earlier. He would be forced off the radio by the communists in our government if he did. Comparing Alex Jones to Hal Turner is like comparing the apostle Peter and the sins he may have committed while being with Jesus with Adolf Hitler. Alex Jones doesn't strike me as a coward. He has yelled to get into a boxing match with Piers Morgan, who of course is ignoring him. Alex Jones just seems like the type to me who would go berserk as we all hopefully would if a masked thug began to spread and prepare a young daughter for rape. As with most of us sane normal people, we would be ready to face hell on earth in the face of such evil. I used to watch Braveheart and wonder how people back then could get such courage to charge the field of battle. However, after the constant raping of daughters and mothers, the constant never ending slavery, after the lords take newly weds into beds, then it becomes easy how you do it. You just need to get angry enough.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you are a federal agent, I would like to share this video which explains how Carl Menger's "Theory of Imputation" corrects Karl Marx's misunderstanding of the source of value:

The Birth of the Austrian School | Joseph T. Salerno

The idea is that it's the consumer's valuation of a good that justifies the effort to create the capital used to make more of it, but only for those specific individual entrepreneurs who can profit off of the price that consumers are willing to pay.

Value is imputed backward through the production process, even though it takes capital to produce the final good.

So it's the subjective valuations of consumers that set the price of capital goods, not the other way around.

The main policy prescription that follows logically from the Theory of Imputation is that the government is not at all needed to help the economy.

In fact, the Austrian Economists argue, by trying to help the economy, the government is actually destroying it.

Anonymous said...

Mike is not allowed to point and laugh at the DBs who troll his own site? Because, you know, it's like not cool to poke fun at the trolls, or something.

That sounds pretty fascist to me. Might could do for an azimuth check.

FedUp said...

You're giving K. too much free rental space in your head, Dutchman.

If it weren't for your repeated mentioning of the name, I never would have even heard of the twit.

I've got to agree with WRSA Pete on this; just ignore K. and pray he goes away.

Jim Klein said...

"So it's the subjective valuations of consumers that set the price of capital goods, not the other way around."

Well, yeah. When everything is stripped away, the only action happening is individuals valuing. That's why I thought the sentence before, being in complete contradiction with that, was absurd beyond belief...

"Value is imputed backward through the production process, even though it takes capital to produce the final good."

Whatever. You also might consider something about this...

"In fact, the Austrian Economists argue, by trying to help the economy, the government is actually destroying it."

Maybe, like everyone else, people in the government are doing exactly what they wanna do.

For the other Anonymous and ftr, I've heard the Alex Jones show only a few times, but I heard nothing wildly out of whack...or even outright false. Considering how everyone yaps about him, I was surprised.

Anonymous said...

"That's why I thought the sentence before, being in complete contradiction with that, was absurd beyond belief...

Karl Marx mistakently believed that production - labor, ultimately, - is what gives the final good its value.

He believed that if someone put labor into something, then that which is produced SHOULD sell for something that had comparable labor expended in its production. This is the Labor Theory of Value.

But, while there is a real, subjective cost for someone who labors, when he offers it in trade, there is another person's subjective valuation to consider.

See, labor is not a homogenous good - you can't compare an hour of a farmer's labor to that of a teacher's, or even compare the labor of two people in the same field of work, because they will have some difference in production capabilities (being different people).

So, while a laborer should expect to make a profit, he should also expect, if he means to trade with someone, to focus his labor on producing that which consumers want.

Laborers can make mistakes and labor on the wrong project. The solution isn't to force others to pay what the laborer wants; but rather for the laborer to stop producing things that won't sell.

This way, the laborer CAN (typically) make a profit off of his labor, and so can the other trader, be he another laborer or a capital-owning employer who offers a wage.

What is meant by "value is imputed backward through the production process" is that producer goods are where the final good derives its value; Rather, it is the consumer's subjective valuations of the final good that gives the producer goods THEIR value.

The example offered in the video is: If we were all Amish, we would have no use for diamonds (I'm ignoring the industrial use, for argument's sake), and so diamond mines would be useless and there would be no price for diamond mines (as a diamond mine).

It's a great video.

Anonymous said...

"What is meant by "value is imputed backward through the production process" is that producer goods are where the final good derives its value ..."

This should be modified as so: "... is that producer goods are NOT where the final good derives its value ...".

Anonymous said...

Oh, and since I mentioned diamonds in passing, I may as well share an Austrian Economics article on the "blood diamonds" issue:

Making Economic Sense
by Murray Rothbard
Chapter 91
Are Diamonds Really Forever?

"For more than a century, the powerful DeBeers Consolidated Mines, a South African corporation controlled by the Rothschild Bank in London, has managed to organize the cartel, restricting the supply of diamonds on the market and raising the price far above what would have been market levels.


"But how could even this degree of cartel success occur in a free market? Economic theory and history both tell us that maintaining a cartel, for any length of time, is almost impossible on the free market, as the firms who restrict their supply are challenged by cartel members who secretly cut their prices in order to expand their share of the market as well as by new producers who enter the fray enticed by their higher profits attained by the cartelists. So, how could DeBeers maintain such a flourishing, century-long cartel on the free market?

"The answer is simple: the market has not been really free. In particular, in South Africa, the major center of world diamond production, there has been no free enterprise in diamond mining. The government long ago nationalized all diamond mines, and anyone who finds a diamond mine on his property discovers that the mine immediately becomes government property. The South African government then licenses mine operators who lease the mines from the government and, it so happened, that lo and behold!, the only licensees turned out to be either DeBeers itself or other firms who were willing to play ball with the DeBeers cartel. In short: the international diamond cartel was only maintained and has only prospered because it was enforced by the South African government."

Anonymous said...

Federal agents are those guys who are always pushing to blow something up. And they just happen to conveniently know someone whom they can get the dynamite from, dontchaknow.

Fuzzy said...

To quote from Ken Lane's webpage, you Mike V. "...were a Marxist and not only that but an active Marxist. You helped in the planning of acts of violence against the American people. You helped to supply weapons for these acts. You were a fucking traitor to your Nation. A traitor to your Nation….." Sure, you've changed now...but once a traitor to our Nation, its Constitution and its Flag, ALWAYS a traitor. It sickens me to see former military who actually support you, your site and comment positively about you.