Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Journalist" Attacks 9-Year Old

So-called "journalist" Mike Kelly, a columnist for some New Jersey fishwrap called The Record has gone on the offensive against Shyanne, claiming her sport of choice is "creepy," and essentially accusing her of being an unwitting pawn of the big, bad NRA, unable to think or reason for herself and manipulated by the nasty gun lobby.


Anonymous said...

I just called Mike Kelly at (201) 937 4287 and told his voice mail that when he tired of picking on 9 year old girls I will be his Huckleberry anytime or place Mr. Kelly wants.
I slightly bigger than a nine year old and 7 times older, but if wants to dance let's go.

Anonymous said...

One 9-year-old, with an AR-15, loaded with one standard (30 rounds, loaded with 28.) magazine, can hold off an angry mob that wishes to do her harm.

I think that, deep down -- hopefully just unconsciously -- is what really frightens this "journalist".

The religion of that "journalist" (And many other people out there today) is really "The State". Anything that goes against The State is to be opposed like the hell-bound heretics that they are.

That a little child, weighing-in at barely 100 pounds, less than 4 feet tall, with a weapon in her hands, is now on equal-footing with a state approved and sanctioned thug-for-hire with a shiny piece of metal pinned to his chest, and a gun strapped on his hip who would like her to go quietly into the cattle cars and into the gas chambers, and come out the other end as a neat pile of ashes that just floats away.

(It's happened before. It's happening now in the dark corners of the Earth like North Korea. It will happen again.)

We can't have that, now can we.

It's hard to exterminate a population when that population is shooting back.

I hope this young lady makes it all the way to the Olympics, and brings home a few Gold medals.

I also hope the "journalist" who wrote this hit piece against a child disappears into obscurity and irrelevance.

Ed said...

It is always ironic to see someone abusing First Amendment rights to advocate the infringement of people's Second Amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

Shyanne is probably home schooled, too. That would account for her lack of mediocrity that Kelly expects from kids that age who have been Common-Cored into imbecility.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason that the occupation that these so-called "journalists" work for is now called the LSDM (Lame Stream Dinosaur Media). Their "skills" are fossilized to the statist communist left.

B Woodman