Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Nut cuttin' time."

Greatest campaign ad ever.


Great Geezer said...

She left out the pro 2nd amendment part.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to cast my vote for Joni, should she ever run for office here.

It is nice to see someone who is willing to cut the pork.

GaryM said...

I'll bet she would cower in fear if someone broke into her home either! I like her.

GaryM said...

I meant WOULDN'T cower in fear! Darn spell check.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that Joni, an Iraq veteran, is indeed a pro-2nd amendment candidate. She is running for the soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat now occupied by Harkin. The Dem caucus refers to her as "pistol packin' mama", a badge which she wears with honor.


Anonymous said...

Cute ad, but come on...

Nothing's gonna change in that malarial swamp until there's a complete and total reset. The only way that's gonna happen is after this regime collapses. The day we'll be free again is the day we have no more Federal Reserve. No more fiat currency. No more police. No more standing army.

Besides, everyone knows that no one in Washington has balls, with the possible exception of Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Just gave her $5.56

smitty said...

Is she for real?

Or, is she just making skillful use of widespread disgust with the myriad failures of government?

An indicator may be her claim to being a 'conservative'...

It is a difficult task to try to identify any aspects of political conservatism in government that actually promote Liberty.

Rand Paul appears to have revealed himself as a typical power-hungry political critter, once on the scene in DC (District of Criminals) being 'shone the ropes', get along, ya gotta go along.

At best, Paul may think restoration of Liberty can be achieved incrementally, though Liberty is often lost incrementally, I would challenge him to cite examples of tyrannies having relinquished powers in response to peaceful petitions.

I find it supremely absurd that Senators and Representatives insist on following decorum and the rules, while the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are fed into the shredder.

Yes, it may be too late to expect to vote our way out of this mess, but why not try? (possible answer: waste of time)

But, voting for more more-of-the-same talkers-not-walkers just keeps us on the same road that the can keeps getting kicked down.

We need hell-raisers like Patrick Henry replacing consolidated government enthusiasts like Alexander Hamilton.

We need to observe/participate in the counting of paper ballots (no computers need apply) at all levels.

Were we the sort of people up to such a task, it wouldn't be necessary, as we would not have been electing and re-electing the critters in Washington.

The piggies in the campaign ad were cute and the message appealing, vague and imprecise though it was. A look at the issues page on her web site is revealing:

~Ernst apparently thinks it proper that Israel and USA are joined at the hip

~Ernst apparently supports American Empire and the accompanying forever global warfare to enforce freedom & democracy™ on other nations

~Ernst pays lip service to the 2nd A and the Constitution and limited government, though much of her policy positions are the same old same old

~Ernst says she is for fiscal responsibility, then proceeds to present the solution as being a years-in-the-future balanced budget amendment, merely just another amendment to a Constitution that already is disregarded wholesale

Dig deeper than the depth of sound bites...and this candidate may lose some lustor.

Anonymous said...

Howdy All,

Good old SW Iowa gal

Good luck Joni


AJ said...

She may have big ideas about shaking things up and cutting some pork. But I guarantee that the NSA has the dirt to keep her on the reservation, or get her to change her mind if she starts getting traction.
If we want our liberty back, the secret police first have to be destroyed.