Saturday, March 29, 2014

In keeping with the musical intro to the day, my morning resembled this song.

I leave out the litany of minor pains and frustrations that led to my tackling the principal task of the day, which is working on the leaking clothes washer in preparation for my trip to Knob Creek KY, Ohio and points beyond in April. Not only can't I figure out where the leak is coming from, it seems to continue when the water is turned off. No sooner did I figure out what it was that couldn't be figured out when the damn thing fell over on me. I gave up, came back to the computer for a rousing chorus of "It's a Great Day to Whup Somebody's Ass."
Not that I'm in any shape to whup anybody's ass. Besides, I wouldn't know who to whup.
So, having accomplished nothing in particular but waste time, I'm going upstairs to skype with Matthew and family in Germany. That certainly should improve my day. I'll have more later.


BrassScrounger said...

First thing to check is the drain hose, and its a PITA to get to. If you have a Maytag, the top hinges up ward and to the rear - you'll need a screwdriver to help pry as it is held closed by metal spring clips. Next, there are two screws at the bottom which are a pain to get to that hold the front panel in place. Once these are removed, the front panel can be lifted up about 1/2" and the pulled forward. This will let you inspect the plumbing and water pump/transmission. Good luck!

Shawn McEwen said...

About the time it fell over, I would've probably been reaching for the shotgun... And then the checkbook.

Chuck said...

If you get the chance to see Paul Thorn live, do not pass it up. He is an old school story teller, a genuine person and darn funny.

Good lunch fighting you beast. I learned to expect all plumbing projects to end at the street, with a backhoe. That way I'm always happy that I got off "so cheap"