Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What an ATF set-up looks like

Hot tip: if some scroungy guy offers to sell you guns out of his trunk, he’s probably one of “ATF’s Finest” — a criminal working with the agency to make new first-time felons. A Wisconsin man is now about to be a literal jailhouse lawyer because he didn’t listen to his own sense that there was “something funny” about the convicted drug dealer who was insisting he buy the guns.


Anonymous said...

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Q: Why do they bury lawyers 12′ deep instead of 6′ like everyone else?

A: Because deep, deep down, they’re good people-

Hating on the lawyers is fashionable and all, has been at least since Shakespeare’s time. This one seems to have been REALLY friggin’ stoopud too- A lawyer, breakIng federal laws with someone he just met in a public place?! 

But we ABSOLUTELY need to BREAK all levels of law enforcement and “intelligence” of their bad habits in creating criminals and terrorists from the former merely stupid by offering a bogus, totally manufactured opportunity, combined with a paid shill steering them carefully into their “crime” or attempted act of terrorism.

This is the law enforcement and intelligence equivalent of a farm dog eating the chickens it’s supposed to be protecting. 

So easy, compared to actively hunting dangerous self made perps (wolves, to you sheep dog analogy buffs). You get to work on YOUR schedule, instead of being constrained by some damn offender’s timing. Doughnut time need no longer be interrupted by foot chases or other inconvenient activity!

So rewarding- (Tastes like chicken! Yummy! No dangerous fangs to avoid!) Your Department or Agency has improved arrest/conviction statistics, this justifies their budgets and provides traction to ask for INCREASE to same, plus earns ca$h from forfeitures and fines. And all this budget increase DESPITE the statistics showing overall crime rates going down (once consensual/victimless shouldn’t even BE a crime is discounted).

(And worst of all, it’s making me stand up for a really stupid LAWYER. Kind of like having to jump into a septic tank to save a retarded dog-)

SWIFT said...

Given the numerous and recorded examples of ATF/FBI stings, I can't believe people still fall for their bullshit. While the story doesn't mention it, Thomas Michael Barrett was, in all likelihood, subjected to another ATF/FBI favorite: bringing in an inmate from another prison and placing him in Barrett's cell, while he's awaiting trial. The inmate is, of course, an informant hoping to get a deal from his/her handlers. Stear clear of these easily identified traps.

Anonymous said...

It's true.

That guy in the group who is always pushing to blow something up? And who knows where he can get the dynamite? He's a federal agent.

THEBigFatPanda said...

Re: anonymous at 7:56 am- Sir, I respectfully submit the following; a VERY high percentage of our congress critters are lawyers. Stupidity among lawyers surprises me not at all.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Anonymous said...

It's not the Stupidity I mind so much as the near constant acts of flat out treason, that go unanswered.

Ignorance and Stupidity are fixable. Education for the former and mirth and laughter for the latter.

(But then most of what is done, goes unreported or deliberately misreported, to the general populace.)

Willing treason has only one answer, especially when it isn't accidental foolishness, as many will have you believe it is. These acts are calculated to achieve the sought after results, and to blame anyone else for them, should a problem arise.

It's kinda like pulling a trigger. You can't take it back once you've committed it.

The entire government and judiciary as well as the media, now supports treason in every form at every turn and no one protects the constitution and bill of rights anywhere within those structures, with minimal exceptions.

They mean to accomplish the destruction of those documents and liberty and freedom along with them.

So they can have what they want, and were never entitled to.