Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Well, we're going to have change that part of the plan. No personally reloaded ammunition for the smuggling campaign.

Three days ago, in a smuggling update, I wrote this:
It occurred to me that I can save money by reloading the .38s and then we can send them right back to the state of their origin -- behind enemy lines in Tyrant Malloy's Connecticut (also known as King Dannell, the Clueless). It is both sweet and fitting, and stretches the resources a bit.
Almost immediately I received cautions from a several folks. Here is one:
I think the law says if you reload ammunition for your own use, that's OK. But that it is not OK to reload it and then sell it to somebody, without some kind of a manufacturing license . . . Does that manufacturing license requirement also apply to someone who reloads ammunition and then gives it away, as well? Is that something that would bring ATF comeuppances down the road?
So I checked with some legal beagles, and it seems that the answer is that it well could. Heretofore all the ammunition we have reloaded has been for the personal use of my friends and I. I do not wish to open them up to the same kinds of risks I already run by giving the evil sonsabitches at the ATF a hammer with which to beat my friends over the head with. That is their modus operandi, you know, to get at me by the cowardly means of attacking people whose only sin is to know me.
Therefore, I won't be using any of my own resources (or my friends) to reload ammunition for the smuggling campaign.


bloodyspartan said...

are you phucking kidding me.
WHO cares about the reloading law
It is unconstitutional.

Wake up let us get the battle going before obama gives away the nukes and we are all dead.

Anonymous said...

A small ray of sunshine pierces the gloom.

SWIFT said...

Smart move Mike. Don't give the ATF any reason to move against you or your friends. They will invent one soon enough; probably including planting of evidence and manufacturing some illegal item.

Anonymous said...

Your legal beagles are right. You may not be operating as a business by giving it away, but it sure makes a lot of gray smoke...and the BATFE could step out of that smoke and make some real trouble.

They WERE on the edges of their chairs...after reading about the 38 brass and how you were going to load it and send it back...

But I just heard a big collective "DANG!" echo out of D.C. after they read your update. They almost had ya, Mike.

Anonymous said...

The key word with the .gov (at all levels) is "in commerce", whether intra or interstate. That's the only thing they can legitimately control or legislate.

You can GIVE it away, but you can't SELL it, in other words if there's any "profit" or "sales" involved, then they want their cut, and control.

Sometimes they will control simple interstate transport, but there is usually an assumption of "commerce" (an exchange or trade of goods for goods) involved.

Anonymous said...

Just send them brass - if they cain't reload it themseleves they are beyond saving ...


Anonymous said...

For my own part, I reload. And I shoot my reloads, don't give any away or sell any.

I do NOT shoot other people's reloads- It's my choice to trust my own skills. I neither trust unknown hand loaders, nor put others at risk from my own potential mistakes.

If I see a good deal on some unknown person's hand loads, I buy, tear them down and (usually) throw away the powder. The brass and projectiles get reloaded with my own powder then, if the primers are good I may leave them in too.

Anonymous said...

you can give the ammo away ... that not selling .. of course, with any reloaded ammo, you would be taking a personal risk of a civil suit if injury occurred so its best not to anyway for this point

Anonymous said...

“No operation extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main body of the enemy.” -- Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke, Field Marshal and Chief of Staff of the Prussian Army

Anonymous said...

Legitimately control my ass!
The whole "commerce clause" fabrication is pathetic. In order for a person to read regulate commerce as SCOTUS has done is to insert that which is not there.

I am not a state. I am not an Indian tribe. I am not a foreign power. MY commerce cannot be regulated by federal government legitimately. Period.

Anonymous said...

Why bother to tell the bastards? Do you report your actions and transactions to the BATFEces? W-T-F, over?! I thought silence was the very credo of smuggling.

B Woodman

Allen said...

another thing to think about...

randomly purchased commercial ammo would not be subject to this sort of sabotage...reloaded ammo could be. they know exactly where it's going and have no problems with the casualties it will produce.

just sayin'

Anonymous said...

All "legal" factory loads are what we call "volume loads" and are not measured for powder charge weight. They are not nearly as consistent as carefully weighed hand loads. This is why hand loads always score higher than manufactured loads.

Most cartridges are sized so that you have to really be a dumbass in order to double charge them.

As for myself, I weigh all my powder charges...probably to 1/100th grain accuracy. I weigh my bullets too...and if I really want to be anal, I weight my empty, prepared, primed brass.

My bullets mostly go through the same hole.

This also means that I can hit just about anything I can it one eye, a toe or the edge of an ear peaking out from behind something.

I don't sell my hand loads because people won't pay me what I think they are worth.

I also submit that most firearm detonations happen because of bore obstructions.

Dutchman6 said...

Faithful reader B. Woodman asks: "Why bother to tell the bastards? Do you report your actions and transactions to the BATFEces? W-T-F, over?! I thought silence was the very credo of smuggling."

Well, it is and it isn't in this case. First, to smuggle is nothing. To smuggle and have your opponent know that you are -- indeed to have the whole world see that you are -- and demonstrate thereby the impotence of the forces of state violence to do anything about it, that is the whole point of this exercise. Smuggling is just one way of demonstrating resistance. The ACTUAL transmission of prohibited items is secret. The fact that it is happening cannot be.

Second, as I said, by announcing that I was going to use reloaded ammunition I opened up my friends, who do not participate in the smuggling campaign, as targets for the evil sonsabitches in the ATF to attack as a means to get to me.

I have, I think, demonstrated that I am willing to run my own risks in this struggle. I am not willing to expose innocents to attack if I can help it.

As Anonymous wrote above: "They WERE on the edges of their chairs...after reading about the 38 brass and how you were going to load it and send it back... But I just heard a big collective 'DANG!' echo out of D.C. after they read your update. They almost had ya, Mike."

To be precise, because I didn't think things through, they almost had my friends.

"Bloody Spartan" can rage about infringements of liberty and how the thing should not be so. He has that luxury, but I do not even if I might agree with him about the philosophic point.

I hope this explains things a bit, Woodman.


Anonymous said...

Pick your battles. Giving away reloads in interstate commerce seems small compared to the much larger issues. There is a reason why ammunition manufacturers have lot numbers and pay large insurance premiums for civil liability exposure risk.


bloodyspartan said...

I do more than rage my friend but Since all I love is dead except my country. Well Money talks and you know what walks.

Other than that I tell more than one of the fat blue line what I intend to do here in NY.

SO far no midnight raids and unfortunately most of the Sherrifs only care about collecting a pension.

But I have met a few men of Honor in BLUE & Grey

Mostly they just yearn to shoot and Kill though.

The Lord says speak the truth in all things. If you know you must speak up yes?

bloodyspartan said...

One last thing how much longer are real men going to try and apply logic to insanity.

OUR leaders are insane and ego driven.

They Killed the greatest country in the world and we let them.
Are we going to let them kill all it's people too?

Anonymous said...


Apparently, yes.

Oh come on, as amerikans we cannot possibly rock the boat. We must go along to get along. What if someone gets offended?

Be reasonable guys!

Realize Lt Vance was only telling the truth. They ARE the masters!

Submit and be happy!

Think how much better your grandchildren's lives will be in the New amerika and World Order.