Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gun rights supporters gather at Rhode Island Statehouse as ban on semi-automatics weighed

Hundreds of gun rights supporters gathered at the Rhode Island Statehouse on Tuesday to oppose another attempt to ban semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines.
See also: Rhode Island lawmakers to mull draconian ban on sale of semi-automatic weapons


Anonymous said...

So 5 million Remington 700 Deer hunting rifles are not of concern?

Not to mention Winchesters, Savages. Mossbergs and all the millions of others!


Anonymous said...

One thing of note about Rhode Island, as well as Connecticut, is that they are both states without elected law enforcement officials.

Connecticut eliminated their sheriffs, and call those performing the same functions "state marshals".

Rhode Island has an appointed sheriff, and deputies that handle prisoner transportation, court security, and serving writs.

In neither state is there any law enforcement that is accountable to the voters.

One reason that law enforcement in both states is in lockstep against the Second Amendment is that none of them need run for office, instead being bureaucrats of unelected public safety departments.