Wednesday, March 26, 2014

David Codrea dissects anti-firearm "Lifelong hunter"

“Donald Morris called Ashland police about 8 a.m. Friday to report a dead deer on his property in the 1600 block of Ross Lane in Ashland,” the story continues. “He told police that he shot at the animal with his pellet gun earlier and it took off running, but he had just found it dead.”


Anonymous said...

Ashland has its very own open carry statue that the whole town is centered around..

Here he is:

Will they remove it entirely, or chisel it into a staff? Anything to save the children.

Here are links to the Open Carry Rally going on Saturday the 29th in Ashland.. FREE FOOD for people openly carrying:

Pericles said...

Oh come on ... what lifelong hunter has not Hathcocked a bambi with a pellet gun .... HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

This guy makes me feel "vaguely uncomfortable" on an underlying level.

He does not understand the basic safety rules, makes distinctions about firearms based on appearance, and apparently, shoots protected wildlife with an illegal weapon (may be different in his state).

What does experience as an Army artillery captain, obviously long ago, have to do with use and possession of civilian firearms?

He might be able to field strip a .45 or Garand, but the Armalite/Ar-15 system is probably beyond his capability, hence his "discomfort". The rights and responsibilities of civilian firearms ownership are probably beyond his comprehension.

Ashland is scraping the bin using somwonw like this as an expert.