Sunday, May 23, 2010

Your tax dollars at work -- TSA Voodoo.

"Now go DO
that YOU DO
so well!"

-- Attorney General Hedley Lamarr to his gang of thugs in "Blazing Saddles."

My thanks to CPT Jonathan Tuttle for forwarding this.

You know, don't you, that TSA is where people who are judged too incompetent to continue working in the ATF transfer out to?


Anonymous said...

The article is not surprising, TSA is just security theater and make-work.

Considering that the shoe and underwear bombers made it through security, we'd have better results putting a billy club in each seat with the in flight magazine.

W W Woodward said...

Can anybody say, "profiling"?

For some unknown reason, I recall being led to believe that profiling is anathema to the federal government - maybe not.


rexxhead said...

TSA: Thousands Standing Around, the folks CNN called "the burger-flippers of airport security".

Anonymous said...

Is that YOU with the cane?

B Woodman