Sunday, May 9, 2010

A new Threeper blog: The Cliffs of Insanity.

This just in from Threeper Alvie D. Zane:

My blog is now alive for the whole worldwide web to see. I invite you to stop by, read, comment, think. I’ll try to post something new at least daily. If you have suggestions, I’m open. I encourage you all to check out the other blogs and links that are there. There’s some really good stuff in them.


Ahab said...

While visiting the new blog by Zane, I found a link to a piece written by a Thomas DiLorenzo, titled: "In Defense of Sedition. Took me a couple tries to get to the article; but, it was worth the effort.

DiLorenzo refers to the statements of idiot pundit Joe Klein concerning sedition, where-in Klein accuses both Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin of sedition. The upshot of the piece is that if what Glenn Beck and Sarah says is sedition; then, 60% to 80% of us are also guilty of sedition. In the article by DiLorenzo, who appears to be a serious historian, we, America, lost the U.S. Constitution when Abe Lincoln waged war on the South. By killing 350,000 Southern Americans, including 50,000 civilians, in the War of Northern Aggression Abe Lincoln established the central government as supreme over the sovereignty of the several states. The Constitution became null and void in 1865, and further destroyed by FDR in packing the Supreme Court with Social Progressives. Beginning in 1937 and thereafter, the SCOTUS has been prepared to, and actually fostered the expansion of federal power no matter how at odds the central government has been with the constraints placed upon it by the Constitution. The SCOTUS has not declared ANY law passed by ANY congress to be unconstitutional for over 70 years. Under this obvious oligarchy, America has been betrayed by the courts.

In all that time, 1937 to 1995 and through today, America has lived under a judicial dictatorship.

DiLorenzo concludes there is no way to undo it. The political establishment in Washington, D.C. will not relinquish its' accumulated power back to the states where it belongs, no matter who is elected president, or however many Representatives and/or Senators are sent home.
There is simply no way to return to Thomas Jefferson's Federalism form of government, i.e., where "we the people" are sovereign unless we heed his words. These words: whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

Dennis308 said...

I placed Zane´s blog in my favorites list because I read the same article a very interesting piece and I recomend it to all.


Anonymous said...

Hologram of Liberty by Boston T Party addresses the problem of federal government growth and encroachment. I just bought and have started to read this book, have read two others by him, and find his arguments very good.
Unfortunately we seem to have lost the basic battle when they got rid of the Articles of Confederation, which had been enough to see them through the revolution. Hamilton and his elitist buddies needed to consolidate and control.