Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Obama pays my welfare check."

Felonious oxygen thievery on parade.


Dakota said...

It is amazing that there can be this type of stupidity in a country that has the freedom to read. I guess freedom to be stupid is a right too.

I can only hope that "Jo" has car trouble on the freeway at rush hour with a dead cell phone battery.

E said...

Tell me America is not in trouble when we have people like this out there.

Nebraska Sentinel said...

There's not much any more that makes my mouth fall open so wide that I end up doing my best imitation of a "gaffed tuna fish". “Doomed as a nation of free people” keeps booming through my mind.

Nebraska Sentinel III

Dennis308 said...

This ¨Lady¨is STUPID,the big problem is she ain´t the only one like that.
Wonder what ¨Jo¨will do when the government goes bankrupt and Her Oboma check don´t come in the mail.


Anonymous said...

Living proof that stupid people shouldn't breed. BTW, Dakota, did you know that taxes on your phone bill pay for cell phones for welfare recipients? Now you know why every droopy-pants bum on the corner is talking to his dealer on a cell phone. It's on our nickel! Of course Jo won't be on the freeway during rush hour, she doesn't have a job.

Rackman said...

Wait, you mean to tell me Obama won't be sending me a check?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Reminds me of "Peggy the Looter" or the folks in Detroit lining up for their "Obama Money!"

And every one of these people's vote counts just as much as yours.

Our Founders clearly intended that one have some "skin in the game" before being allowed to vote.

If it were possible to remove all the Looters from the franchise, The Evil Party would cease to exist in weeks.

WV="GumBows" - short for "Bubble-Gum Rainbows - ie: the beautiful things that appear in the sky after it rains skittles in unicorn-fart fairy-land.

God help us...


Anonymous said...

Well, Dennis308, I'll tell you what these people will do when their ObamaBucks don't arrive. They will start taking the property of those who do work for a living. Here in my small town on the Oregon coast, we have several "Jo's". In fact, the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon is loaded with them. I just hope I have enough ammo.

rexxhead said...

Interesting mix of poorly-thought-out positions.

SHE has no clue, but SAVAGE isn't a whole lot better: "How do you think a country is defined?"

He should ask instead "WHO defines 'country'?" because he would find the answer much more interesting. 'Our Country' is largely defined NOT by the people of the country, most of whom haven't ever given the matter enough thought to warm the brain, but rather by the established government which says 'this land is MY land, this land's not YOUR land' and sets up the hoops and hurdles that we now call 'the immigration process'. They're even going so far as to suggest that servant government has the authority to tell its sovereign people under what conditions we the people may retain our citizenship. Somebody play a few bars of "The World Turned Upside Down", please.

How many here know that until 1941 passports were not mandatory for US citizens? Lots of folk had them, but only because it made travelling to certain other countries much smoother and the visa stamps made neat-o souvenirs. There were many countries even then who merely asked 'country of origin?' and took your word for it, but that was before the onset of The Worldwide Welfare State.

Now, we have to be careful that people aren't coming here in order to live off our public largesse as the ditz on the phone is doing. She doesn't see any problem because she has no problems. Somebody else has solved all of her problems... with your money.

And if those Mexicans were coming here to get on welfare, I'd be all for shipping them back where they came from. Has anybody noticed they mostly come here and work scut jobs for peanuts? Is it that that gets everybody so riled? They're working, in some cases, for less-than-minimum? If that's what you're worried about, let me point out that the Minimum Wage law is part of the Welfare State. It sounds and resounds and echoes through our economy even among people who make much more than 'minimum'. It's one of the reasons so many jobs are going offshore; it artificially lifts ALL compensation for ALL jobs. Are you out of work? Thank your Senator.

The solution to the current mess is not obvious to most. They think smearing a nice poultice of immigration law on the rash will cure it, but we know (don't we?) that treating the symptom is a fool's errand. You have to treat the disease, not just the symptom. The disease is The Welfare State.

When we cure that disease, the only people coming here will be like your great-grandparents who came here (passportless, btw) to work hard, earn an honest living, raise their families in peace, and maybe even prosper.

Some of them will be Mexicans. Like the Irish, Poles, Italians, Swedes, and Greeks that preceeded them, they will make America great again, but first America has to become what it was when Europe sent us all those inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Anonymous said...

This can't be real. It is too perfect in how stupid it is.

Dakota said...

Everyone has a right to be stupid...

but she's abusing the privilege ....

CC said...

Most of you folks are completely missing the point here, and i am pretty shocked at your replies. This woman is obviously not stupid. She knows exactly whats going on. SHE IS WHY DEMOCRACY CAN NOT WORK. She is going to ride and support the gravytrain all the way to the crashsite. There is a huge difference between stupidity and knowing where your bread is buttered. The welfare state is a self regenerating mechanism. STOP calling her stupid and START realizing she is the mortal enemy of a free Republic.

Happy D said...

Cut off their food. They die in several months.
Cut off Their water. They die in a few days.
Cut off their air. Two minutes.
Cut off their heads. At least they shut up. As to how fast they die I can not hazard a guess. For the fact that they obviously don't use their brain.
So were they ever really alive?

The obvious similarities to cockroaches should in no way be misconstrued to mean that I was comparing this kind of lowlife to the noble cockroach.