Monday, May 17, 2010

Some troops refused to confiscate people's arms during Katrina.

Thanks to Oath Keepers for the video.


Anonymous said...

There is honor left in this world after all.

straightarrow said...

Bet he wouldn't have run from the rally in Va. or D.C.

Dan said...

Straightarrow...couldn't have said it better myself!
I'm not big on OK anymore, because of that, but if Rhodes can get this guy some publicity and do some good, then more power to'im.
Taylor, I think it's been there, but the instances of it becoming visible are few and far between, unfortunately.
Hearing about how many others felt as he did is very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Now there is a man of honor and with the courage stand on his convictions.

Unfortunately, there were TO MANY at Katrina who DID NOT take their oaths seriously...

(You can be sure that somewhere in the bowels of the P'sTB, he has been branded).

Anonymous said...

Run from the rally?

What happened?

Dedicated_Dad said...

I left the following comment:

"As I've read elsewhere, one can be damn sure THIS man would not have run from the demonstrations in Virginia on Patriot's Day 2010.

Thank G*D for some real oath-keepers."

As I didn't want to tie Mike's name to it without his consent, I didn't reference SSI.

I would have linked/credited SA but had no blog or other way to do so...

Still, I believe I made clear that the words and concept weren't my own. If anyone disagrees, please say so and I'll go kill the comment entirely, or edit as needed.


Happy D said...

Oh yes! Local boy does the Army, Nation, Utah, Utah National Guard, Constitution, His Family, and God Proud!

Then gets reported on Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Thank You Mike! You made my week.

John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utah said...


Oath Keepers has now posted the COMPLETE interview with Staff Sergeant Joshua L. May, Utah National Guard, by Stewart Rhodes, of the Oath Keepers movement.

I created a playlist, consisting of five (05) videos, which I entitled "CONSTITUTION UPHELD", of this COMPLETE interview at the YOU TUBE web site, and here is the URL for that playlist:

I've also posted it on my personal blog, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE", and on the FACEBOOK social networking web site.

Thank you.

Rhodes said...

While we may not agree with all the decisions made by Oath Keepers we cannot stress too loudly the vital mission it has chosen for itself. Oath Keepers is not a confrontational organization and in fact that could be highly detrimental to its mission of reaching Mil and LEO personal. I don't agree with everything Mike says or does either but I respect and support his mission.

E said...

This man is a true patriot and a true Oathkeeper! He did what was right when the rubber hit the road! We should all rejoice!

straightarrow said...

Dedicated Dad, I do not yet blog. You could always use my nom de plume, or not.

I don't think mankind will lose the cure for cancer if I don't get some attention. I care far more about the ideas getting around than I do getting recognition for any I might accidentally generate in by my melon.