Friday, May 28, 2010

What I told the Census.

A U.S. Census worker "had been confronted by residents who pointed a firearm at the worker and said they would not answer any questions and closed the door," said police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey.

So read the story about the police killing of a Yuba City CA woman who ran off a Census taker who appeared at her door at 9 o'clock at night.

The other day, another Census worker raped a disabled woman in Indiana.

Now Bob Barr reminds us that Census workers can enter your rented apartment or house while you're away.

Constitution of the United States, Article 1, Section 2: "The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct."

Like everything else about the Federal Leviathan, over the years the demands of the Census have gotten more intrusive and tyrannical, demanding to know all sorts of personal data including the number of toilets you have. This time when I filled out the Census, I was tired of the regime's obsession with race, so I wrote in "American."

They have been badgering me by phone ever since. Each time I tell them that I have answered the principal question the Constitution requires about how many folks live here and that they are not getting anything else from me.

What are they going to do? Send a cop to my door to kill me if I refuse?

Well, maybe.



Dr.D said...

When we got the form, we filled out the number of residents section only and returned it and then got a second one a week later which I trashed. I have not yet heard from them nor has a worker made an appearance, out here any one caught in your home with out permission is likely to be shot.


ScottJ said...

That's why I left the phone number blank. They don't need to know that.

Don't need to know if I rent, own or have a mortgage either.

Dakota said...

Had the census at my door the other day and used the American option also. He wrote it in there and actually admired the choice. THis guy was very careful to be polite and unintrusive.

Got to thinking about it later and he was too nice. Probably an advanced Federal entry team member sizing me up ....LOL

Unknown said...

just be sure and have zoe answer the door with her "accessory"

idahobob said...

Census worker was by the other day. Only told her the number of residents living here. Refused to answer any more of her questions and told her to leave the premises. I reckon that they will be back....oh well.


GeekParallax said...

Not at home, so I haven't seen the census man yet.

I did see on my facebook the other day, though, that my ex-girlfriend now works at my local Census office.

As if I needed anymore incentive to view the Census Bureau as "the enemy". ;)

Anonymous said...

Had that problem when I got my Census form. I verified the address, and filled in the number of residents. Then, as added humor, I filled in the "Race" section with things like, "Human", "Ball Bearing", "Indy 500", (I don't remember the rest at the moment).

Several weeks later, I got a visit. Wanted the rest of the information, names, b-days, etc, etc. I was careful to talk to him outside, not letting him into or seeing the inside of the house (paranoid? Not me!). I repeated my admonition that I was NOT going to fill out any further info, this was what the Constitution required, no further. The Census was to determine representation in Congress, not entitlements. Everyone was polite to each other, but I was more determined to NOT answer questions then he was determined to get answers.
Within the next week, I got two more visits (three total, this is SOP), the last one with the same dude + a woman. Repeat of the same first visit above. I even made them ERASE what added information they had gotten earlier (name, ph #). I told them that if they wanted more information, they needed to come back with the law (not "rule", not "regulation", not "suggestion") in hand to show me, plus a warrent. Overstepping? Possibly. Dangerous? Probably. But I haven't been visited or even recieved any phone calls since.
I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, metaphorically speaking, but I'm not letting it rule my life.

B Woodman

Mark Roote said...

I filled out my census form with the answer to question number 1 (how many people live here) and nothing else. Then I mailed it in with a copy of the constitution with the appropriate section highlighted.
A census worker came by, but I wasn't home so he left a note with his name and number stating he had some questions for me about the census and to give him a call so he could schedule a return visit.
I called him, said "this is 'address', you were by and left a note here". He then proceeded to tell me how important it was so representatives and funds could be properly distributed, etc. I got tired of listening to him blabber, so I told him that I answered the census and sent it in. Two people live here and that's the only answer you're going to get whether you're on the phone or in person, so don't bother coming back and wasting more of my tax dollars. Then I hung up on him. He seemed a little shocked by that 'attitude', but I haven't heard from him again since.

Anonymous said...

How much longer till the counting is over? They've been at it for awhile.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I wrote the number in the blue box, and sent it back. didn't put anything else on the form other then a number, and I haven't heard back.

The Barr article is also wrong, read the comments from "E Masters"

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the race checkboxes on the census fails to include the category of "Jew"? The MSM often reminds us that Jew is a recognized race category. Obviously some interest group lobbied the Congress to wisely have this fact omitted from the Census form - a "don't ask, don't tell" lesson learned from WWII.

triptyx said...

That was the same thing I gave them - number of people in the home, period, full stop.

The census guy did come by about 4 times, but he actually managed to miss me being home all 4 times. Oh well, don't feel any urge to talk to him anyways.

Anonymous said...

I was an enumerator for the decennial census. The only Constitutionally mandated question was "how many people lived here on April 1?" There were a couple of questions that try to determine if there was a double count - like if you were in a hospital or jail on April 1. I think those questions were Constitutionally allowable to ensure an accurate enumeration.

The questions about Hispanic origin and race are based solely on the respondent's opinion and were not to be questioned or "corrected" by the enumerator. Those questions are added in by your poverty pimping minority legislators - the scum you keep returning to office year after year. If you object to those questions, stop electing those sort of legislators.

We were told never to enter locked property. My lawyer extended that to never enter posted property. If anyone refused any question, or all of them, I thanked them politely and left. My job was only to record their answers - or lack of them. The only response I heard to a complete refusal was to send one more enumerator (in case it was a personality conflict).

Maybe we should remove the census requirement from the Constitution. I'm sure if you do, O will be more than glad to apportion your representatives for you. I prefer that we keep it - and that we all man up and get it done, once every 10 years.

pdxr13 said...

My Census experience is getting a little old, but in 1990 they never suggested entering a dwelling for any purpose. If they don't come to the door after a couple of minutes of loud knocking and ringing, leave without walking around back or looking in windows. There was a whole bunch of guestimating required to get some forms filled out, as hinted/required by my field supervisors.

Job #1 for a paperboy or Census worker is to not get killed/kidnapped, and the best way to avoid this is to not enter the dwelling or leave the view of the street.

I, also, filled out the first Census form with the number "2" and ignored questions 2-10. My neighbor failed to return a form and got a pushy-nosy enumerator asking form questions on his porch, while I did not.

Most Census workers are people who are un/under-employed and could use the additional paycheck. The problem with the 2010 Census is the blatant manipulation of hiring/employed statistics with multiple hiring/firing of the same people each week. Is this a trick learned from the Daily crime family?


Anonymous said...

If the police hadn't shown up, there would be no more incident. She brandished a firearm and told the census worker to leave. That worker complied. End of story....until the police showed up, who then gunned her down b/c she wanted to be left the hell alone.

Funny....we all "talk" about "No More Wacos"...well what about the woman they shot to death?

Lamb said...

Census person came to my door...was terrified of my sweet dog (half GSD, half pit). She started reading off questions and I said "Three". She said "Huh?" I told her that was the only info she needed. She said she would put me down as "Uncooperative". I told her I was FULLY cooperating and "Three" was the ONLY answer she needed.
She left and I have heard nothing further from the census folks.

Pat H. said...

So far, we've filled out one census form, the required answer only, and received a second one which we tossed.

We've now had one census worker visit, about a week ago, two months after I mailed in the first form. I advised her that, no, I won't fill out a second form "just in case", that they'd simply have to make do with the one.

I understand that the lowest "worker" can make up to six visits to get you to fill the form out completely, then it demands a supervisory visit.

As for them entering my home if no one is around, well, I have dogs, large ones and lots of them and they're in the house. Also, my 89 year old mother lives in an attached apartment and she's armed all the time. A decision by any census worker to enter without invitation would be, um, unsound.

Anonymous said...

Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the US Constitution the only information they are empowered to request is the total number of occupants at the address. This was affirmed with the SCOTUS case: Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S.447,449(May 26, 1894). This case has never been overturned.
I sent in my form with only the total number of occupants filled out. I also sent them a very respectful letter, unsigned and unnamed, citing the above case. The temporary federal parasites are in my area now. I'll wait and see if one of these "stimulus job recipients" knocks on my door. I doubt if they will want to debate a SCOTUS case.

H. Nelson said...

I had the census show up here the other day. Young kid.. He started with a barrage of questions. I stopped him with my hand and told him "two people live here". He then wanted to know the relationships. I told him "none of your business, and none of your business for the rest. I'm invoking my 5th amendment right". He pulled the "by law card". I told him "by law" he was required to know how many people lived in a residence, this was a requirement for apportioning congressional districts. I further told him he was violating the intents and purposes of asking more than the questions required by the Constitution. He asked for a phone number. "I don't have one" was the reply. "Have a nice day" and closed the door in his face.

H. Nelson

Anonymous said...

In the race block I entered "Human"
Some questions I answered, and some I did'nt depending on the intrusiveness and government's lack of a need to know.
I imagine they will be calling on me.
Paul in Texas

TPaine said...

I answered these questions:
1) 2
6) Male #1, female #2
8) No
9) American

No one has attempted to get in touch with me about these answers yet. Further mailed requests will be shredded.

I'm going to put my old sign back up on the front door: No Trespassing! Violators will be shot! Survivors will be shot again!

Anonymous said...

We can only hope!

Anonymous said...

I wrote down "Human" for race.

Anonymous said...

1 Peter 2:9 says, "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God,..."

The words we translate as holy nation are (forgive the transliteration) hAGIOS ETHNOS. Ethnos is the root of our word "ethnicity," and Hagios means "holy." According to the Bible, blood-bought Believers are a qualitatively new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) with a new ethnicity: holy.

I've been putting "Holy" as my and my family's ethnicity for most of the past decade, including on the Census form that I mailed in.

I haven't heard anything from them yet.

straightarrow said...

Well, I don't believe the cops' version of events. I have no reasonable basis in known fact at this point to hold that opinion. But, I still don't believe them.

Ordinarily, I would feel somewhat embarrassed to base an opinion on such little basis, but these are not ordinary times and the cops have lied so often with stories that sound exactly like this even down to the choice of words they use that they have earned an automatic disbelief until someone of good character (not cops) can verify their version of events or forensic evidence is so overwhelmingly in their favor that their story must be accepted.

Automatic disbelief has become my default reaction to everything a cops, any cop, says not because of me, but because of them and the huge majority of times they have been proven to be murderous thugs.

Much like the expected and deserved reaction one would have to the Bloods, Crips, or MS-13.

Though I was earlier than most to this mindset, I attribute that to the fact I pay attention. I have noticed of late that there are a great many like me now, as opposed to us being very few a short time ago. Even people who have not yet reached that particular mindset have mostly ceased their ridicule of those who now express that idea when they hear it now.

This sorry state of affairs is entirely the fault of our policing agencies and their protectors.

Christian Patriot said...

I looked up the ph no for the white house and listed that as my phone. :-)

For ethnicity, I listed my wife's and my native tribes (Cherokee and Crow respectively) and listed the two other occupants as Crow/Cherokee.

A sponge showed up and asked what I knew about the house up the street. She let me know that he (neighbor) had refused to answer or fill out the form. I said "I respect my neighbors right to his privacy. You'll have to guess". She showed up next door at another neighbors house a few days later, maybe got the info, maybe didn't. Don't know.

All I can say is... if I was running a business that was miserably indebted to creditors with no hope of getting in the black any time soon - I would dispense my lawful duties in the most economic means possible. #17 paper photo copies with two questions: number of residents and zip code with an envelope that said "Postmaster will deliver without postage" on it.

Hiring hundreds of thousands of people, mailing out multiple #110 card stock color two sided forms, paying those people the expenses of food, milage and per diem or whatever... not fiscally responsible, is it. It should come as no surprise when our country gets the credit down grade treatment Spain just got.

Anonymous said...

I filled out 0 for number of residents and left the rest blank. Have not heard a word from the census workers. Since the government is now violating our rights by invoking laws that force us to purchase services, I say they have violated the social contract and I am choosing the option to recind until my rights are returned.

Anonymous said...

So the old woman story. Sounds like she told the census worker to leave her property while holding a gun, the census worker then called it a 'threat'. Police arrived at 10pm and yes the old couple came to the door armed (they were scared, how often do you get visits at 10pm?). They were lawfully bearing lawful arms and refused to give up them as they were violating no laws and in their own homes. Some over zealous officer decides to open fire the rest join in the slaughter of the old lady and now they have to cover it up to keep from going to jail. Sounds like the US 'law enforcement' to me.

Moe Death said...

For the last two censi, I have simply written in the number 1 and returned the form in the mail. Never was visited either time, but if they insist this time, I shall have to request that the Census "worker" read me my Miranda rights, since he, she or it (Bay Area, CA) is a representative of the Federal government... and then I'll keep silent.

ironwill said...

I answered question 1.

Then I stuck a mailing label on each remaining question that reads:

Article 1, Section 2
Information not required for actual enumeration for Representation or direct taxation”

I haven't had any visits from them yet. If I do, I just won't answer the door. If I'm not expecting you, or know who you are, the door stays closed.

APatientMan said...

The Constitution requires Congress to count - It does not require citizens to answer ANY questions, even the number of people.
I do them a favor and provide the one piece of information the Founders required Congress to obtain - the headcount.

neal said...

Yuba City is 5 miles from my house. This was a big story at work as people were saying, you're next Neal.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Today was my 4th visit.

I sent form with required (count) info, nothing more.

First girl literally burst into tears when I - as nicely as I know how - told her it was nothing personal but...

She then told me that every single house - for 3 weeks - has refused to provide any further info and she's in trouble. Turns out I know her family - probably knew her too but before she became a woman...

After her promise that we were on "personal time" I invited her in, wifey got her a drink, I helped her look up info on cell-phone/GPS tracking so her family wouldn't worry... Nice as I know how to be.

The next guy to come was also someone I've known a long time through church. Don't really care for him, but I was equally nice and firm. He came back later with another woman - daughter politely turned them away.

This AM this woman rang our bell at least a dozen times, then sat in the driveway for ~20 minutes and came back to ring the bell again. I was in serious pain - been up for 2 nights as a result - and was plain pissed off.

I told her - again - the number of people, and that's all you'll get so please go away. She told me "we'll keep coming until you answer - it's the law!"

OK Lady, lissen up:
(1) It's the LAW? So was Slavery. So was "niggers (their word - not mine) count for 3/5 of a person." So was segregation, so was ban on interracial marriage -- should I go on? Bottom line - to quote Mark Twain - "The law is AN ASS!"

(2) I've been nice. I've invited your people in, offered 'em drinks - done my best to be as kind as I know how while still sticking to my principles. This has now crossed the line into harassment, and you've now pushed ME over the line from 'nice guy with principles' to 'pissed off @$$hole.'


Now - one more time: # people live here. Now kindly get the **** off my property and don't come back.

She didn't seem happy - tried "the law" bit again - at which point I said "Fine. Bring it. It's a $100 fine - who do I make the check out to?" At which point she started "I'm not the police, I can't..."

Then - again - please get the **** off my property and don't come back.

I ***HATE*** this. I'm not the sort of person to talk to strangers that way, but damnit...

"It's the LAW!!"

STILL pisses me off...


Anonymous said...

When I rec'd the Census Form, I tore it in half, without opening, and threw it in the trash.

Thus far, nobody has come to my door. I'm not sure if that's because they haven't had the time or because I'm well known in my community as a practicing gun owner/carrier.

I have a CHP but have actually been carrying more openly for the last 6-7 months. Even if just working in the yard.

I'm anxiously waiting for the SEU, ACORN, JOYCE or TIDES folks helping with the census to show up at my door.

I'm really excited about the prospect that they may come in my home without my permission (we have a Make my Day Law where I live, so MAKE MY DAY GUYS!)

When and IF they do show up, they'll get the number of people who live in the household and that's it.

On second thought, I wonder if that sign I have posted on my front door that reads, "No Trespassing! Violaters will be shot. Survivors will be shot again!" has anything to do with the Census workers not coming to my door? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

And what the hell is a question asking what RACE an American is doing on the census form? All Americans are entitled to the "equal protection of the law" so what difference does what race someone is make?

And don't tell me, "you're only hurting your community because they won't get as much money from the FEDs." BS. What the hell are the FEDS doing TAKING my money to start with much less agreeing to return it to my community if only we'll submit to their tyrannical conditions. They can put that money where the Sun don't shine and the "community" (as represented by the little tyrants and arsehats currently "serving" as City Council or County Commissioner) can ... well, I better stop while I'm ahead.