Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stupid Firearm Trick # 2746

Scratching your nose. Figures it was a cop.


Anonymous said...

I question this explanation of an unwitnessed event.

But I would love for my enemies to embrace it.

Rhett III

Anonymous said...


mdrewrankin said...

Why does it figure that it was a cop?

George said...

Obviously, an Ed Wood fan. In 'Plan Nine from Outer Space' there's that one cop who points direction, scratches his nose, and pushes the bill of his cap up, with the barrel of his Model 10 Smith. A true professional, just like this clown.

Anonymous said...

Another "Only One" moment.

B Woodman

Longbow said...

So, you mean to tell me, he locked the door, then crawled under the desk, so that he could scratch his nose with his pistol in private?

That poor policeman must have been under some kind of stress!

Anonymous said...

Probably suffered "Multiple" Self Inflicted gunshot wounds.........
Hey at least I don't say the word "LIKE" 7 times in an 11 word sentence, "LIKE" some do.............


Remember the lives and deeds of:
Col. Hal Moore
Cmd Sgt Maj Basil L. Plumley
Lt. Joe Marm (MOH Rec.)
"TOO Tall" Ed Freeman (MOH Rec.)
"Snake" Bruce Crandall (MOH Rec.)
and of course many, many more.
All 3 MOH's were from La Drang,LZ Xray 1965.

J. Travis said...

Never mind that.

I want to know about the guy being prosecuted for possession of a photo showing someone else having sex with a dead squid.

They're calling him a pervert....

Come on, who hasn't had sex with a deceased cephalopod?

Sorry, where were we?

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

OK, does that qualify as being too stupid to live? Certainly ought to qualify for a Darwin Award.