Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Citizen grand jury" morons, writ writers, Waco Jim Cavanaugh and Rachel Madcow: A media match made in, uh, well, not Heaven, but someplace.

Missed this when it first appeared. Be sure and watch the video.


Capt45 said...

Where to begin... I guess I should be thankful Madcow and her nitwit network have such low numbers. Maybe only 3 people saw this sorry excuse for an 'interview'. Nobody challenges the force used at Waco or Ruby Ridge. Nobody points out that BO has continued Dubya's policies and exponentially increased them - BO has extended the Patriot Act, continued the war in Afghanistan and Iraq (which the left protested under Bush) and it goes on.

Madcow's interview with the Waco whacko is disgusting.

That said, I think Glenn Beck has a point - I do think those opposing the uber left are being set up.

Anonymous said...

Every attempt to de-throne Obama is met with laughter and belittlement. Has anyone paid any attention as to what is happening in Madison County and why these men are doing what they are doing???

I understand now. The only laws that are legitimate are the laws that serve the government and not its citizens. Dr. Manning is trying to expose Columbia University as fraudulent in its dealings with giving Obama a diploma for classes that he never took. Is anyone paying attention to this??? Does anyone even care??? Or, is he a kook too????

We cannot agree on any course of action to thwart the overthrow of America and meanwhile the dictators in charge forge ahead.

The Oath Keepers have proven themselves as cowards and are useless. All hot air in front of the television camera. What a disappointment!!!! They remind me of when Jesus told Peter that before the cock crows three times you will deny knowing me. The Oath Keepers can't deny their association with other groups or individuals fast enough when it requires decision and action on their part.

What is wrong with the American Grand Jury??? What is wrong with a Citizen Grand Jury?? Do we or don't we have any means to force the hand of our government in a court of law??? All of the eloquent words written into our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights have been shown to be null and void when the rubber meets the road. We have no power. We can no longer challenge the government without being arrested on some trumped up charges and tried in the court of public opinion.

I am sickened by what I read and see with my own two eyes.

I am sickened by the cowardly men I see walking to streets or driving in their cars. I sickened by all of the talk on our side of the fence of crushing tyranny and yet we do NOTHING. I'm sickened by our lack of organization because we are afraid of getting into trouble. When did it become unlawful for Americans to stand face to face with tyrants and tell them to either shit or get off of the toilet??

All that I hear are crickets.

Newark, Ohio

Dennis308 said...

Lose lips sink ships.
And besides neither of these Gentlemen even had a very good plan.
Must have been a pure Publicity Stunt.
And of course Madcow is only telling half the story.What is going on in Madison Co.with the Grand Jury is irrelevant to her.
And as far as Waco Jim is concerned he is a Criminal and he should be the one in Jail or worse.


Dedicated_Dad said...

You commented on Huff and posted the vid before -- I assume you're talking about Mad-cow and Waco Jim?

Sorry -- I just can't subject my brain to that much stupidity and dishonesty. My tolerance for same is just about gone, and I'd end up like the guy from "Scanners" (IOW my head would ass-plode like a watermelon hit with a varmint round...


Brock Townsend said...

So, Oathkeepers is a fringe group? I'm sure glad that got that sorted out for me......

Anonymous said...

What a mess

Dakota said...

Wow ... I thought the writ writers were crazy in the old days. Somebody needs to take these guys out behind the wood shed.

As for Oath Keepers ... well they were so worried about their image by hanging out with patriots at Gravelly Point .... so much for that.

Jeez Rachel Madcow you could at least not cheer lead about the stupidity of others. Try and keep some semblance of professionalism.

straightarrow said...

Brock, one has to be somewhere near the arena to even be "fringe". I think that leaves OathKeepers out. No one saw them anywhere near anything to do with oaths or patriotism or rights or America. They may just be irrelevant, but they are no more than that. Certainly not an ally

Anonymous said...

Brock, you should know by now, the Constitution is just "suggestions and sarcastic comments", as so brilliantly put by another commentator here a few days ago, and speaking about upholding the Constitution is a fringe right wing idea.

Mattexian said...

I'm kinda surprised they only reported his AK-47 as a plain "rifle", not an "eeeevil assault rifle!"

Brock Townsend said...

Brock, one has to be somewhere near the arena to even be "fringe". I think that leaves OathKeepers out.
Precisely. I was just being facetious.
the Constitution is just "suggestions and sarcastic comments",

Or "Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper" so magnanimously stated by Bush II......

Dennis308 said...

To Doug of Newark,Ohio

We all know what is happening in Madison Co.Tenn and what these Gentlemen were doing but it is completely irrelevant.What is relevant is that the court systems are corrupted all across the lands.And this is Just A symptom of Government takeover of all of our lives.
And there is Only Two ways that we are going to take Obama out of Office and that is at the voting both hopefully.And the other is something that everyone is trying to avoid or at least wait until THEY fire the first shot(no Fort Sumter's for us and no more Waco´s for them).Who Ever starts this next ¨Civil War¨loses.
And all the Diplomas that Obama has or doesn't have are of no importance the Collectivist BELIEVE he has them and neither You nor Myself will be able to change that.They still BELIEVE that Klinton really is a Rhodes Scholar and will not understand the he was a ¨Honorary Scholar¨ at Rhodes. The People will either retake control of the Government at the Polls or the Government will finally push that last push that will be to much for the people to bear.Or More likely a National Collapse like we see in Greece will happen here.
What we do here or what Mike does here is warn the Government and the Collectivists that NO WE WILL NOT RETREAT NOT ONE MORE INCH and that their actions DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES.
I know your frustrations that is what brought me here.Try to remain calm People have started to wake up,there are Tea Partiers and other Conservatives and Independents that now see the danger that this Country is in. Lets wait a little bit and see if they can change the course that the country is in by Peaceful means.That is what I hope for and I believe most of the people feel the same way. Some with more hope than others.Patience and Preparedness will be our true test in the days to come.
In God We Trust,All Others Pay Cash. God Bless.


Dakota said...

To Doug from Newark Ohio,

I will tell you what is wrong with those phony grand Juries ... they have no power behind them. Take a look at the papers that he served down there. There is only 1 signature there. Where's the rest of those "heroes"?

Believe us when we tell you that this nonsense is nothing more than a diversion and a dangerous one at that. I heard all types of rumors that armed men were going down to take over the town? Over what? A jury foreman that has been in place too long?

Are you shitting me? Grow the fuck up and shut up. That's all we need is to have all hell break loose over what .... a jury foreman!!!!! Oh wouldn't the Justice Dept and the media have fun with that one .... pinheads being lead by no one!!!!

I thought all those people were either dead or in prison ... I guess they are back out again. Keep it up and I'll shoot you myself.

CorbinKale said...

The number of people denegrating Oath Keepers, as irrelevant, seems to be growing by the day.


Anonymous said...

I think the point that most of you are missing is that those you consider "on the far left" - people who supported Obama, people who support equal marriage rights, single payer healthcare, etc are in my eyes often the MOST vocal critics of Waco & Ruby Ridge. I consider myself among those that found Waco disgusting and tragic, even if those inside Waco were wack-jobs. This Fitzgerald guy looks like one of the biggest morons of all time. His website is a joke. And let's be real for a minute - If you still think Obama isn't a born US citizen, and any of the other insane claims Fitzgerald's website believes, it's time for you to put down the crack pipe. The real progressives (including Rachel Maddow) are vocal in their disagreements with Obama on the Patriot Act and the wars in Afghanistan. Obama is such a moderate, maybe an inch left of Clinton or less. When he grants all Americans equal rights, dismisses DOMA and DADT, pulls ALL our troops out of Iraq & Afghanistan, completes the financial, healthcare and immigration reforms he's trying to do, the left will cheer - and i'll be right there with him.
Cleaning up 8 years of Bush's mess and 8 years of Clinton's mess can't be done in 1 year, 2 years or even 4 years. Obama is doing great so far.