Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praxis: J&G Sales has bandoleers.

The latest issue of Shotgun News has a J&G Sales ad on Page 34 for the following:

Nylon Bandoleers with Clips
Each comes with ten 10-round .223 stripper clips and holds 100 rounds of .223 ammo -- ammo not included -- 7-1176 $5.95 each; 2-4: $4.95 each; 5-99, $2.95 each; 100 for $150.00.


Six Pocket Cloth Bandoleers
Military surplus cloth bandoleers in good condition, each pocket holds one M1 Garand clip or two 1903 Springfield clips (not included) 7-1785 $.99 each; five for $4.95; 100 bandoleers for $65.00

Obviously these are only economical if bought in bulk, but a buck fifty for a Brit nylon bandoleer and 10 5.56 stripper clips is a good deal. Likewise is sixty five cents for a cloth bandoleer usable for clipped .30-06, 7.62 NATO or 8mm Mauser.


rah45 said...

I have an M1A, and 2 20-rd mags and a 10-rd mag for it. I'm at a point where I just need to buy ammo instead of a MOLLE getup, so I'm looking into bandoleers for a temporary, cheap alternative. I already know where to get 10-rd stripper clips, no prob, but don't know where to find bandoleers to hold them. Anyone have any ideas?


Dan said...

Don't know about the bandoleers, but could I suggest more magazines?
Better to have and not need than need and not have!
50 rds goes quickly in certain situations

III mmore than them said...

rah45, I second Dan, and raise him (nicely, of course)

Get mags. When you have a decent load-out capacity of say, 240 rounds IN mags, then you can concentrate of bandos. Heck, if cheap enough, get both, but if you are tight for cash, I'd skip the bandos and get mags. You'll have to load the stripper inventory into mags anyway, so I'd start there and be ahead of the game.

...... course, then you'd need to stow your mags somewhere on your body....

Ryan said...

Stripper clips make sense for rifles that do not take detachable magazines a la WWI-II bold actions, Garands, etc. For modern weapons that accept detachable magazines just buy mags. Buy enough mags that you can get through any situation you can foresee. Then buy that same amount again for redundancy because mags get lost and wear out. Also mags are more likely to be targeted by a ban than any other piece. 2A doesn't say squat about mags. You can't load a mag that much faster with a stripper clip anyway.

rah45 said...

Thanks for all the input guys, it really helps. It's just that the cheapest, DEPENDABLE, M1A mags I can get are from 44Mag dot com. They are 20.49 each, and for the price of one mag I could get a few bandoleers and prob enough strippers to fill them. Then I could spend the rest on ammo. I need to learn to shoot! Lol. I would love to have 10 mags to carry with me, but I just have to consider the bigger picture of expenses vs income. I only have 300 rds right now, and I still need to learn to shoot.