Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cultural Insanity and Inability to say the "I" word.

What's a little "ritual nick" after all?


Anonymous said...

"The head of a national group against gun violence Friday called the National Rifle Association "increasingly out of touch" with its own members as well as the general public."

Helmeke is right; the NRA truly is out of touch. They should demand repeal of the 1934 NFA and 1968 GCA. That would put them right back in the mainstream of Second Amendment defenders such as Larry Pratt of GOA and Aaron Zelman of JPFO. ;^)


frosty2 said...

I often wonder how these people in the Fed power sphere feel when, at home at night, see themselves on TV being so utterly stupid.

atexan said...

Glad to see you back Mike. Please take care. What these people do to their own females is insane. Thanks for helping shine the light on this. Maybe Obama should have his three girls "fixed" as a show of good faith to the Islamic world.

atexan said...

Sorry I said that. Obama's girls don't deserve that either.

Dennis308 said...

These people are sick ANYONE who would do something like that to their Daughters should be fried in bacon grease.


Anonymous said...

I love a good game of 'beat around the bush'

PioneerPreppy said...

I know it's a matter of one's point of view but as traditional American family and values are attacked from two sides by radical Islam and radical Feminism. It is at least somewhat heartening to know that if they succeed in tearing it down far enough these two "allies" will finally be staring each other in the face.

I pray it doesn't get so far but if it does I will certainly chuckle as those two square off.

Loren said...

That'd be a waste of good bacon grease, Dennis but then, a bullet is too good for them either.

aughtsix said...

Loren said...

That'd be a waste of good bacon grease, Dennis but then, a bullet is too good for them either.

May 15, 2010 11:58 AM

No, bullets are all we have left and they are plenty good enough. Ya gotta make do with what you have.



Anonymous said...

According to their own holy book, there are 3 options for non believers(not muslim) and 3 only, convert, subjugate and be taxed, or die. It is written, they say it, and our "leaders" don't/won't understand.

W W Woodward said...

The SoB sure as Hell has no problem identifying the Klan or the Hutaree, and others as radical Christian groups. My guess is that Rep. Smith wouldn't get half the question about any of our home grown folks out of his mouth before the lying lawyer (redundant phrase) would answer in the affirmative.

Fornicate the Islamic a**holes and the camel they rode in on as well as the O'bobblehead a** kisser.

Well, that aught to get me on some kinda list.


Toastrider said...

And this is nothing new, either. It dates back to the days of the Barbary pirates, and the infamous call of 'Christians are cheap today!'.

Jefferson knew how to handle the problem. The question is, do we?

(And by handle, I mean 'send the goddamn Navy and Marines to beat the crap out of those pirate-supporting nations until they cried uncle'.)

Witchwood said...

There is no such thing as radical Islam; there is only Islam.

The ones we refer to as "radical extremists" or whatever cite the Koran chapter and verse after they've made a successful attack. I've read much of the Koran. Sure enough, it's all there, without mitigating context.

And the ones we call "moderates" still think that shariah should be the law of the land. All land. They are different from the "extremists" only in that they are currently non-violent.

Expect more "outreach to the Muslim community" like this as we allow more Muslims to enter the country. And take a good look at Europe, because that is our future minus drastic changes in policy.

Anonymous said...

Your "government" needs them.

Subjugation through proxy.


When you start to understand the asymmetrical propaganda that is being played on you ... and your emotions ... you will understand that the PTB will use every "excuse" to subjugate you through "law" to "save" you in the name of saving you from ... what?

R.A.H. said...

Islam offers us three choices: conversion, dhimmitude (slavery), or death.

I have my two choices for Islam:

Reformation or Destruction.

Seed, root and branch, and swine the ground.

Oh, and BTW,

Death to socialism, no second choice.

The great old Border Patrolman and gunfighter, Bill Jordan, wrote a book on combat called, "No Second Place Winner."

Best to remember that sage observation.

Happy D said...

Bacon grease plus a few other ingredients makes a good napalm like substance.
I will see if I can find the recipe.

straightarrow said...

A great many people today swear they have no prejudices. I say, if that is true, then that great many people are stupid, evil, or both.

I have a number of prejudices. Predudice means to pre-judge. It isn't wrong morally or ethically to know beforehand that one does not support and stands in opposition to and if necessary opposing physical force to those who belong to organizations that are proud to make known intent of destruction of others.

Amongst people whom I do not need to wait for them to do something evil before I know I am opposed to them and will bring them harm if they make it necessary are muslims, nazis, communists, KKK'ers, (redundancy alert)rapists, murderers, enslavers, human traffickers, terrorists et. al.

I have prejudged members of these groups based on their own words, policies, practices and openly stated intent. Prejudice is not always the result of ignorance. Sometimes as in the examples listed above it is based on and justified by knowledge.

Chaos said...

Islam is a cult, plain and simple. Our gooberment is not doing anything about it so it can help destroy the fabric of our Republic. Their beliefs can not survive or exist with the constitution. The whole reason "O" is protecting them. 1st he is one of them (ironic he speaks with perfect dialect but can't pronounce corpsman) and 2nd it is the means to destroy us from the inside.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Just take a lesson from the Brits, back when they actually had some stones. To stop the practice of the suttee (burning a live widow alongside her dead husband) in India, a British general announced a very effective multi-cultural solution: "It is your culture to burn widows alongside their husbands. It is our culture to hang people who murder women. Let each culture proceed according to its own ways."

Dedicated_Dad said...

First, the whole "against gun violence" is laughable on its face.

Are they OK with OTHER violence?

Who isn't "against gun violence"?
The apparent/transparent intent is to poison the minds of the sheeple with the idea that anyone who opposes their agenda SUPPORTS and PROMOTES "gun violence."

The obvious fact - to anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear - is that their TRUE agenda is anti-GUN, and their goals the banning and confiscation of same from all law-abiding individual citizens.

That this would leave all legitimate power in the hands of the .gov and its jackbooted enforcers is - to them - a feature, not a "bug."

That it would also make prophetic the cliche about "...only outlaws will have guns" is a fact to be publicly ignored and privately celebrated - as it would further enhance the dependence of The Sheep on the aforementioned jackboots, and lead even more to happily trade even more precious Liberty for the illusion of enhanced "security."

It's long past time we stopped being silent on these facts -- for me, every time I come across a reference to these gun-grabbers, I fisk their name and stated mission just as I did above, though I may leave off the "jackboot" and similar references that may tend to lessen my credibility with such sheep...

Our BIGGEST mistake has been allowing the evils of "political correctness" to force us into silence - and thus allowing their anti-Liberty agenda's propaganda to be the only thing most sheep ever hear...

I will no longer be complicit through silence - and suggest anyone reading any of this to make the same vow!


Joe said...

Sorry for being a little off topic but this just bugs me.

OK we agree that female genital mutilation is a barbaric, excruciatingly painfull, completely unneccesary procedure that provides no benefits and in fact can cause many complications including death the of the non consenting infant it was performed on.

Male genital mutilation(aka circumcision) is also a barbaric, excruciatingly painfull, completely unneccesary procedure that provides no benefits and in fact can cause many complications including death the of the non consenting infant it was performed on.

The former is rightfully considered an atrocity yet the latter is encouraged in hospitals, and mandatory for another certain Abrahamic religion? And of course any discussion of this is regarded as trivial and usually ends in immature jokes.

I don't mean any offense but I'm a little curious, did you have your sons get that "little ritual nick" Mr. Vanderboegh?