Friday, May 28, 2010

If you commit a crime in Maryland, just do it before the cops get there and you won't be prosecuted.

Go here and watch the Megan Kelly video clip. At least if you're the SEIU that's the way it works.


Anonymous said...

Every link on the internet leads to that video, which has been deleted!

Did it ever get uploaded anywhere else?

Mike in KY said...

As much as I'd like to call that a "target-rich environment", alas... there would no doubt be legal problems with capping members of an angry mob outside the home.

One commenter on a linked story I just read had what sounded like a good idea: Wasp spray. That might even be fun hosing down a couple SEIU thugs with a can of Ortho. With more lethal means of defense on hand just in case the spray-ees decided to escalate.

Slobyskya Rotchakokov said...

Yes, wasp spray has about an effective 15 foot range, more if the wind is with you, is nonlethal and may produce blindness, but what the heck - the SEIU people don't need eyes, just someone to place them in position and tell them what to scream... and there is also the scalding water option, cherry bombs, or even slingshot target practice on heads, from an upper window.
BUT then again - by the Maryland ROE, if the cops don't SEE you empty your AK magazine into the gutless SEIU bastards and their pig escorts, then no crime occurred. According to Mr. "Let Me Put My Knee Pads On First" head cop, even video is no proof. So... safety off, fire at will.
Think of how much your volley will reduce the carbon footprint of the sons of bitches who go down for the count! Al Gore might share his Nobel with you!
As I queried at Pete's place... do they only hire lying scumbag IDIOTS to be cops there, or do they help them grow more and more stupid as they advance to higher offices? Maybe a government mentoring program made up of ex-congressmen and lobbyists tutors the idiot cop on advancing in his imbecility and embracing his inner schmuck.

Uncle Lar said...

Pity the front lawn didn't have a remote control sprinkler system.
Sorry the kid got scared, but I see this as a good thing. Any time your enemies are willing to demonstrate on tape to the public that they are bullies and thugs I say go for it. The outrage felt by any decent citizen watching all this is beyond price.
And if there is any justice in the world perhaps some day the ringleaders will get the favor returned to them up close and personal. At least one can hope.

Anonymous said...

I'd think the first order of business would be turning on the sprinklers. I can't see them charging the homeowner with anything if they are trespassing on the lawn and get soaked.

But after watching the video, the thing that jumped out at me was that the Maryland police were so careful not to upset the protesters. What's up with that? If it was two grandmas who were holding TEA party signs they would have had a fully armored SWAT team there.

It couldn't be that the SEIU and Police unions are buddies and look out for each other...

TPaine said...

It's still here:

But I downloaded it, just in case. My question - IF the DC cops gave a heads-up to the MD cops BEFORE the SEIU caravan got to the border, and IF there were indeed 14 buses and 500 bozos on-board, THEN how did only 3 MD cops show up at the residence just in time to see all those morons leaving? How long does it take 14 buses to unload 500 people, have those people protest with signs and bullhorns, and then be leaving just as the cops show up? Just a few minutes according to the MD head honcho.

How can you tell if the police are lying? Their mouths are moving!

tyrantsbane said...

I guess the 14-yr old should have grabbed daddy's 12 gauge, loaded it up with rock salt shells/rubber buckshot, and gone to town on these union thugs...before the police arrived of course. He also might have considered urinating out of the window onto the protesters below, particularly the ones with open mouths in mid-scream.

Longbow said...

No kidding? A person could rob a bank in Maryland and if no police is there to see it, they would have a hard time prosecuting?

What a deal! All you miscreants, who live in D.C., head to Maryland! Its open season!


Allen said...

depending on your jurisdiction...

call the cops. after talking to them for a few minutes, say you are in fear of your life and they are beating down your front door.

yell loudly "YOU ARE TRESPASSING AND I WILL DEFEND MYSELF". make sure the 911 operator can hear you say this.

it'll only take a few rounds for the mob to get the hint.

Anonymous said...

All during her interview with the sanctimonious Monkey County cop, I was screaming at the tv: "ASK THE QUESTION, ASK THE QUESTION!"

How could a supposed attorney miss such an obvious opening to crush that worm?

She led him right into the trip and let him go.

How sad.

Maybe she has a place at MSNBC?

straightarrow said...

We just saw two cop lie their asses off. Any intelligent human knows this. So, if I were a stick-up artist in Maryland I would download this video and if caught due to security camera identification point out that it isn't acceptable according to Maryland police. They had to be there at the time to arrest me.

Or both those perverted sonsofbitches could be turned out to hunt honest work, at which both the bastards would starve.

Rhodes said...

300 feet of buried water hose $400
Remote controlled sprinkler system $300
Turning the water on these morons Priceless

Anonymous said...

Let's see now . . . we have 14 busloads of 'terrorists', crossing STATE lines, not just jurisdictions, to commit a terroristic act against someone on their PRIVATE property, with not one but TWO law enforcement agencies assisting in the terrorist act.

Sounds like a case for the FBI to me. Ironically, SEIU may have given a banker the reason to sue them out of existence, and made him (and his kids) rich beyond his wildest dreams.