Sunday, May 9, 2010

There are two strains of comments on this blog that need to be dealt with now.

The first, and of lesser import, is the attempt to defend the "grand jurists," "common law "writ writers," etc. as anything more than circus sideshows. We had these in the 90s, as Dakota observed, and they were always either based on misinterpretation of history and law, even common law, and/or carried out by the people who Churchill characterizes as "millenialists" in his book -- mostly by people who were not wrapped too tight but were looking for some kind of magic bullet to stop national tyranny at the local level. Often these people were so "out there" that they alienated even their friends and neighbors.

Now I am not talking about FIJA advocates, but people who assign to themselves "sovereignty" and immediately attempt to wreak their will on other people. For many, what this is is an attempt to find an easy way around the cold hard military and historical fact of preparing to resist tyranny at the muzzle of a rifle. People, there is no magic paper-waving cure for what faces us.

The recent fol-de-rol in Tennessee is just that -- a distracting and self-discrediting sideshow of a sideshow. Don't blame Rachel Maddow for sneering at and ridiculing these people -- like the Republic of Texas folks, the Montana Freemen and the "common law writ writers" who preceded them by 15 years, they are eminently ripe for ridicule and sneering and they did it to themselves -- and by tenuous claimed association, I might remind you -- to us.

None of this is about the fight for liberty that is coming, it is about distraction and wasted effort. And who, in the end, does that serve?

The second and more important point: This business of pointing at black and brown racist collectivism and attempting to use it as an excuse for white racist collectivism is the oldest piece of universal collectivist trickery in the book. "Well, they do it, so why should we treat them as individuals anyway? They hate us so we might as well treat them the same way." Or, "Why doesn't Vanderboegh condemn the black racists like he does the white?"

Any of my long-time readers know that I condemn racist collectivism of every kind. You can accuse me of "not dealing with reality," or whatever, but I rather think it is holding myself to higher standards and standing for principle as my God demands that I do.

If you don't like that, you are welcome to go start your own blog. But my indulgence of the current thrust of these two strains of comments ends now. It is, after all, MY blog and it ain't no popularity contest.



Anonymous said...

I try to tell people that all of their legal machinations have no effect but to make themselves look stupid, and targets of the state, but some just don't understand, and like you stated in the original post, they think that waving a piece of paper is going to produce some magical effect and force evil to withdraw into the shadows, rather like people who scream and wave a Bible thinking it will convince others to stop sinning, when all it really convinces them of is that the person haranguing them is detached from reality.

The Trainer said...

Mike - +1!

ScottJ said...

I had been meaning to e-mail you about how these "soverign" types were giving me serious deja vu of the mid 1990's.

I really hope we can manage to avoid the entanglements with them this time around.

We do not need the discredit they bring to our cause.

PioneerPreppy said...

Well Sir perhaps you had other comments that I didn't see, but regarding my own comment and Straightarrow's on the "General thread". I did not read into Straightarrows nor intend to use in my own the fallacy that one meant the other was OK.

My only point is that it seems to me racism is tolerated if you are anything other than a white boy.

Doesn't make it acceptable in any way but I find double standards always infuriate me as an individual more than most social crimes.

I am sorry if I offended you in any way.

Brock Townsend said...

(TWOG) JPFO is going the route.

Did you know our latest handbill ads, attacking Maryland State Democratic politicians Brian E. Frosh and Samuel I Rosenberg as “bagel brains”, and Maryland State Democratic Senator, Michael G. Lenett, generated waves of publicity for the JPFO pro-freedom agenda across the country — in just a matter of hours?

…This included major news outlets such as the Baltimore Sun Times, the Chicago Tribune, CBS News, the San Francisco Examiner, and the Baltimore and Washington D.C. Jewish Weeklies. More emotional publicity than any other project in our 20 year history.

Think we are just talking pie-in-the-sky publicity – not solid results? No so. Within 72 hours of Senator Lenett being confronted with his flyer by a black man, he withdrew his controversial “gun control” bill.

The key to that phenomenal victory? The direct confrontation of Jewish politicians for promoting the racism of “gun control” by JPFO — a Jewish organization itself. The targeted politicians and their lap dog media were reduced to uttering mindless platitudes and lies. We won.

The evidence is in: reaching ethnic/racial groups — in their own context — about the danger of “gun control” really works!

straightarrow said...

Dutchman, I don't know if your remarks were aimed at me or not. It sort of feels like it was, but on an intellectual level it makes no sense. As I know you to be eminently sensible,I must ask. Were you referring to my remarks?

straightarrow said...

Mike said,"Any of my long-time readers know that I condemn racist collectivism of every kind. You can accuse me of "not dealing with reality," or whatever, but I rather think it is holding myself to higher standards and standing for principle as my God demands that I do."

Racist collectivism is the operative phrase here. I had hoped that my comments led some to see that racist collectivism is not something only racists practice. Yeah, I know that sounds lke a contradiction, but it is not.

This acceptance we witness of unearned collective guilt by people who never committed any acts of racism is a form of collective racism. A stupid form, but one widely practiced. This collective guilt is accepted simpy because one is a color not in favor at the moment.

To not recognize the collective racism of this, and not to call out those who intentionally profit from it,and those who intentionally mistakenly punish themselves for it (as an ego boost for their imagined enlightenment) is it seems to me a guarantee of continuing collective racism, with only the beneficiaries of the policy changing from time to time.

I find that unacceptable. As long as we, Americans, tolerate it, it is just a popularity contest.

BrownWaterNavy said...

Had you been following this from the beginning you would realize just how misguided your assessment is.

These men realized from the beginning that this was a long shot but they proceeded in an attempt to head off what they knew was likely coming. Namely a civil war the likes of which this country has never seen.It will make the Civil War of the 1860's look like a game of kick-the-can.

They envisioned a possible solution that may have had some hope in preventing this country from devolving into chaos and the blood bath that would ensue, hoping more would see this small soiree as a reason to pursue peacful solutions instead of rushing head long into war.

It may very well turn out that war in our streets is inevitable. However, these men saw a slim chance to perhaps make a difference. They did it without asking your approval and sought to correct the disparities in our justice system by picking this place to begin.

For you to denegrate them to the status of moron is uncalled for and I take it as a personal affront since I am associated with them and support their efforts.

I have to wonder at your motives sir. Few if any from this site or anywhere else saw fit to encourage them in their efforts. Instead you have reduced this battle to one of name calling, a tactic the left uses widely.

"Writ writers?" Morons? Really? They have done more to shed light on an ugly truth than you or anybody else floating around the ether. The ugliness runs deep and the corruption they have exposed even in this one small county in Tennessee should be a major concern to all of us.

The federal ABC agencies are complicit in this. They see it as a direct attack on their power base. Why else would they raise this to the level it has achieved.

You inaccurately labeled Huff a Christian identity follower and simply wrote him off as a white racist or supremacist when in fact he is a member of the Georgia militia authorized by the state and in support of the states efforts to provide help to her citizens. He is also the Chaplin of that militia. Are all Georgia militia now denegrated to being white racists or supremacists?

Darren is a combat Navy vet, like me, and several others, his desire to prevent an all out civil war is foremost in his efforts. Yet you criticize and belittle

The PTB would like nothing more than to create contention in our ranks as a way to divert attention from what they are really up to. They have been busy spreading their propaganda to do just that.

So you are free to write about this as you see fit but I have to caution you against becoming a dupe for the propagandists on the left and in the government. Divide and conquer is the name of their game.

You can pick this comment to pieces at your choosing so have at it. When you come to me with a better understanding of the motives behind the men you so crudely label morons let me know...we'll likely still be there preparing for what may very well be the inevitable bloody war you fools seem to want so desperately.

In going I have to ask how many on this site have ever been in combat? How many have witnessed men, women and children being killed in the streets, in towns and villages? How many here are that blood thirsty that they would want this in our streets?

Do you really want to make us your enemies? Don't we have enough of those to contend with?

And thoughts from a friend;

This is going to be biblical, folks.

Don't think about it being one part of the nation against another part. City vs rural, yes, in part. Left vs right, part. Race vs race? Black vs Korean vs Mexican vs White, etc., etc.? part. The government vs The People? part. Religon vs religion? part. Neighbor against neighbor? Father against son against mother against daughter... part. Militas vs the world? part.

In the end, this will be a melee.

"If we don't hang together we will surely hang separately."

The PTB are smiling...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its hard not be one one sided. As a white man I feel that I am supposed to be apologetic about my race and what those before did to blacks and others.

I feel I am treading thin ice to say that I am proud of my ancestry in the same manner that other races are allowed.

I have hired people of color where I work. My step daugther is biracial and yet I been been accused of racism because of the way I speak. I have also experienced racism growing up in a hispanic neighborhood (back then hispanics wanted to be called Chicanos)in California.

So, with that all said I have decided to re-train the way I think and expres the following to my kids and whomever else wants to listen.

I am an American first and a Native American at that.

I go so far back that my Family line virtually ends at Plymouth Rock. We took this land in no different a manner than others have before us.

Wrongs were committed and I have no control over that but I am now here and established.

I am an American First.......

thedametruth said...

BWN, thank you for your most well informed, intelligent response to this issue.

Tragically, there are still many who seem not to be able to grasp the enormity of the threat here: namely, if it is happening *THERE* can happen *HERE*.

It is at best foolish and at worst just plain dangerous to allow oneself to be mis- and un- informed on detail. What is happening in Monroe County is, contrary to what MSM and the current regime would like you to believe, a microcosm of what will continue to happen across the country if not brought to light. In point of fact, Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick is a highly organized, detail oriented gentleman with high standards, firm principles and relentless adherence to those things in which he believes. He is also one of the hardest working, letter-of-the-law individuals in this country and does everything strictly by the book--the book of law.

It is indeed a travesty that such an individual can be so grossly misrepresented and the facts so badly macerated as to portray both him and his initiative as less than sane. But if one reviews history, one will find that 'twas ever thus'--so often, the brightest and bravest visionaries were dismissed as fools and lunatics, only to be vindicated in the end.

One would pray that, instead of making labels and taking *sides,*, Americans learn to commit to fact finding in the painstaking way of those like Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick, and join together to preserve and protect our Country and its Constitution.

Dakota said...

Ya know Mike it is times like this that I am about willing to go join the survivalists out in the mountains somewhere. We have all these people with their stupid little side issues. Never mind the Republic, we want to go to PO DUNK VILLAGE and hassle a jury foreman for some chicken shit excuse he's been in office too long. We will threaten to take over the town and make ourselves look like dumb asses on National TV..... make the case for H S and the Justice Dept and the Media that we are what was that word? "Astroturf".... oh and ruin the Tea Baggers who have accomplished way more than any "writ writer" moron could accomplish in a lifetime.

Real nice .... we never will get around to coming together to save the country ... not at this rate. Everybody thinks they are gonna hang out with their family and win the war (whatever that is)on the weekends.

I don't know Mike I had some good feelings about what had happened and now it seems that I was just wishful thinking.