Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This should be interesting.

Urban outdoorsman refueling station. Wait until the up-scale liberal trial lawyers start rubbing elbows with all the street people this attracts.


Son of Sam Adams said...

I'll bet the bums pay more than the trial lawyers.

Longbow said...

Someone at Panera Bread should re-read Atlas Shrugged. Particular attention should be paid to the story about the rise and fall of the Twentieth Century Motor Company.

tyrantsbane said...

What if taxes were collected in a similar fashion? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Private business doing the work. This is how its supposed to be. However government will get involved and screw it up in 5...4...3..

1911A1 said...

To each according to his need, from each according to his ability.

Sound familiar?

suek said...

>>However government will get involved and screw it up in 5...4...3..>>

Good point. In my state, taxes are charged on restaurant foods. However in this case, the food is "given away", since payment is considered a donation, which is not taxable. I can just imagine if we tried this arrangement selling product...I have a feeling the State would be breathing down our necks within 3 days of our first non-payment of sales tax. But...donations are non-taxable. On the other hand, you aren't considered a business (federally) unless you conduct a business with some expectation of a profit. If you depend on donations, can you legitimately expect a profit? _IS_ it a _profit_? are you actually a 501c(3)?

Heh. Governmental bodies don't _like_ things they can't tax. They're going to be giving employment to some of those fine lawyers that frequent their facility, I think.

Dedicated_Dad said...

First, the article is BS for one simple fact: Patrons of other stores are paying the balance through higher prices.

Maybe they can break even on the store-front, but the supply chain has costs as well - costs that aren't being charged to that storefront.

It's really pretty simple: It *WILL* fail, and miserably, for a bunch of reasons - not least of which are (1)People WILL abuse it and (2) people who can afford to pay will get tired of trying to eat amidst the stench of a shop full of urban-outdoorsmen.


ParaPacem said...

They may have to stop the program as soon as the Obongo supporters and ACORN people start coming in and filling shopping carts with food then leaving a dollar.

straightarrow said...

Wait until they realize that the mechanics, waitresses, hairdressers, truckers, etc. are paying decently and the doctors and lawyers are stiffing them.

Phelps said...

As someone who works in litigation, I can tell you, trial lawyers ARE the type this sort of thing attracts.

As a matter of fact, Fuel City Tacos is where a lot of our lawyers eat lunch. It's down the street from the jail, so the line at lunch often looks like this:

Guy in suit
woman in suit
non-english speaking day laborer
ambulance driver
guy in suit
drug dealer

And everyone is happy with it.

Fuel City Tacos:

(BTW, at Fuel City, you WILL pay the listed price or you will GTFO.)

Anonymous said...

I'll give this boneheaded idea 6 months. What the heck are they really trying to do? Train people to rely on the government for food. Because thats who is going to take over this dimwitted idea when there is no "profit" in this joke.


Anonymous said...

This concept is a big deception. The owners "profit" will be his salary. He will pay taxes on it, as will the employees. The big deceit- his product is not food. His product is the forgiveness of guilt and/or ego strokes(needed by the many Godless yuppies). The owner is relying on yuppie guilt to fund his idea while hoping his smarmy starbucks like ambiance keeps out the non-paying rif-raf. If he can do that and manage to tie his clients ego together (how much did you donate for lunch?)with their yuppie guilt trip - he'll make a fortune. If he does it right, it just may work. At least thats what he's betting.
However,If shameless hoards of bums (Obama supporters and/or the *RNC) find this hidden treasure --- he is doomed.

*Republican National Committee